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Monster Hunter World - The Heaviest Monster of the Vale (Rotten Vale Metal Remix)

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Hello everyone!

I've been working on this remix of the Rotten Vale theme for the past few days, and for once, it came together really quickly (~10-15 hours rather than the 60h++ I usually spend on tracks). I know I suck at mixing/mastering, but what do you think about it?


The original version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFBXcl6FW6M

About the track:
I wanted to remix a track from the Monster Hunter games for years, as it's one of my favourite video game series. And when I heard this track the first time hunting in the Rotten Vale in MHW, I knew I found a solid candidate for a remix of my own :)

Regarding the source, this remix focus on the very first riff and on the "heroic/epic" melody (starting at around 1:35). I used a few other parts as well, but without really trying to keep the original structure of the piece, as I felt some of the part were not conveying the right energy. So this is a rather liberal reinterpretation of my favorite parts of the source rather than a "by the book" cover. 

I had a strong Arch Ennemy vibe from the "heroic" theme, so I went into that direction. The track in general has a strong  melodic death/metalcore vibe.

The thing I am the less confident about, from a composition point of view, is the weird clean guitar/cello part near the end of the track, wich is clearly a reference to  the song Nemesis from Arch Ennemy. If you find it out of place, I am open to suggestions regarding how to make this part better :)

Thank you for your feedback, and have a great day!

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Hello everyone! 

New version here:

Even though I was really proud of my track, I felt there was still room for improvements, mostly regarding the "chorus" of the track, which was rather repetitive. I added a few variations, and got closer to the source regarding this part, with a little more orchestral parts. I also worked a little bit on the lead guitar mixing by automating the levels, in order to flatten the loudness variation between parts where only one guitar was playing and the parts where both were. 

I also added a few bpm to the tempo to get a bit more into heavy territory (nothing too fancy, going from 120 to 126). 

I know OCR is more skewed towards old school OST (and so I am, I all honesty), but I hope you'll enjoy it, even if you are not familiar with the source! 

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Cool to hear a monster hunter remix. I've watched a lot of gameplay videos, but never really paid attention to the music. Overall I think what you've got is pretty great. I see what you mean about the cello part. As far as the melody and timing goes, I think it really works. It gives a little break in the tension, like a palette cleanser before it kicks up again and we get into the final part of the piece. I just think the particular string sound you're using sounds a little cheap in comparison to everything else, no offense. The remix also seems to stop too abruptly. I bet a killer finale would boost this track to a completely different level. Aside from those things you really do have an awesome remix in the works. You can definitely be proud of that.

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