OCR03817 - Seiken Densetsu 3 "March to High"

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Hello to all!

At first I wanted to wait for someone to leave a couple of comments, but then I remembered that my work is not very popular ;)

So, I want to share my feelings.

I did not expect that this composition will pass. Due to various production reasons.
But what I especially did not expect that this mix will cause such a discussion about source usage.
I even feel guilty in some sense.
I apologize for taking so much time from the judges.

After reading the "judicial battles", I finally managed to specifically explain for myself why I stopped submitting my remixes and I hardly will.

As I said, I did not think that this mix will pass, however, I consider this mix to be my best to this day. And, the funny thing is, if this one hadn’t passed, I would have stopped submitting already then. Not very logical, but true :)

Vig very accurately described the course of my thoughts in the process of writing this composition. The original part was only a guitar solo (if you can call it that). Everything else is source, reassigned in places.

I never say where and how the source is used. If this needs to be clarified, then I did not meet the OCR standards. What comes out at the end is what I feel(including instruments and sounds choice) while listening to the source. This is true for any of my work (and not only mine, I assume).

Many thanks for such a detailed trial, which(all of judging processes) finally helped me to understand why I don’t want to submit my remixes anymore. I still appear in some competitions or projects. I think this is enough for me. OCR will not lose anything with my departure from the posted remixes.

I came to this decision a few years ago, but now at least I understand why. It means a lot to me. Thanks guys! Not sarcasm, I am sincerely grateful.
You are doing a very big and useful job!

I'm still here .. I'm learning, crawling on the forum and pop up from time to time;)

Don't think I'm offended. I'm actually very happy right now!! 8-O

Thank you!

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