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'Legend of the Dragonborn' (Skyrim/Zelda mix)


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Hi all! I worked on this mix over the past day, and I've spent most of today editing it. It's pretty bare right now, but the basic structure is there.
Sources (going off of FL time)
0:00 - 0:17 - original/Skyrim drum opening 
0:18 - 2:54 - Twilight Princess Title Theme/original 
2:55 - 3:02 - Skyrim opening drums/one note
3:04 - 3:41 - Dragonborn (Skyrim main theme) B
3:41 - 3:47 - original
3:48 - 4:13 - Dragonborn motifs/original
4:13 - 4:16 - Zelda main theme cameo
4:18 - 4:32 - Twilight Princes Hyrule Field A
4:32 - 4:47 - Dragonborn A
4:47 - 5:06 - Dragonborn C
5:06 - 5:23 - Hyrule Field B
5:23 - End - Original 

Tell me if anything needs added/fixed! 

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Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your mix. Can you provide a little more context for what your goal is for the mix (like a full-orchestra arrangement or a minimalist piece, etc). Also, what is your current music workstation set-up and experience level?


0:08 - This dissonant chord was unpleasant to me. Is that part of the original source? This particular element might sound better with a different instrument, like strings maybe, if you are trying to achieve a dissonant effect.

0:40 - very beautiful chord here in the source material, I remember opening Twilight Princess for the first time (and this sounds a little silly) but I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of the opening music that I put the game away until I was ready to give it my full attention. I was still finishing up some other GameCube games at the time. Prime 2: Echoes I think it was. The harmony sounds really good to me with the flute sound you are using. I like the subsequent original chord progression.

1:29 - 2:03 - This seems a bit out of place to me. Is this original material?

2:52 - I like the bass drum is nice here

3:06 - I like the bass guitar here

3:25-4:13 - Nice melody and accompanying bass. I'm not familiar with the source, but is sounds well-implemented to me.

4:20- - This is a clever transition to the Hyrule Field theme and back to the Skyrim tracks. They really do work well together.

4:50 - I like those 4ths (or is it 5ths)

5:04 - I like the bass solo

5:15 - I like the build-up

5:23 - Original material works well here until about 6:00 where it sounds fatiguingly loud to me.


Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to an update.


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Hi SubNormal!
This track is far from finished, the chord at 0:08 is something I put in because I thought it sounded cool, it's original.
1:29-2:03 is original 

I want it to sound as close as I can get to 'Dragonborn', however I know that I won't be able to recreate the dragon tongue chanting. (Unless somebody can help me with that?)

So I suppose a orchestral arrangement would be good. 

I use Fruity Loops, have been for at least 3 years and I'm just now, very slowly, figuring out the playlist. 

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1 hour ago, SubNormal J3 said:

Happy to help. What do you mean? I do not know/use FL, but I could collab on the MIDI and keep giving feedback on the audio.

There's the midi, FL doesn't export pitch bends for some reason for midis.....
What program do you use? I can use Cubase again, which is awesome. 
(For context my new MODX 6 came with a full version of Cubase AI, have not set it up yet nowever) 

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Hi, so I imported the MIDI tracks into Reaper and sent them to the a virtual instrument that I happen to own. The first track is assigned to a Bassoon/Clarinet/Oboe/Flute ensemble preset, which automatically cuts out notes that are out of the playing range of the instrument. Doesn't sound the greatest, but hopefully some tweeks can make it sound better. I think if there were to be more dynamic velocity programming (crescendos, decresendos, accents, soft notes, etc) then this could sound pretty cool. Anyways, this is kind of what I think the style of the track lends itself toward (more orchestral).



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Awesome. I know as this track is right now that it has no chance of passing the panel. 
Hopefully it can eventually get to a state where it can pass the panel.

i want to somehow recreate the Dragon chanting heard in Dragonborn but I don't think that's possible, unfortunately  
We need to seperate all ranges (so the lower strings are their own track) 

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[This is an automatically generated message]

I've reviewed your remix and have returned it to Work-in-Progress status, indicating that I think there are some things you still need to work on. After you work on your track and feel that you'd like some more feedback, please change the prefix back to Ready for Review and I'll review it again! Good luck!

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Hey there - I went ahead and marked this back to WIP, as you said in a post that it has "no chance of passing the panel." Mod review is for tracks that you believe are at least close to passing with some tweaking. After listening to the track in the OP, I would encourage you to dive deeper into the community and really dig into the basics of sequencing, VST instrumentation, and arrangement. When you feel you have an arrangement that you're nearly sure will pass the panel, we can try again.

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