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Hey guys.
I'm completely new to remixing and would love a bit of feedback to help me find my feet!

Here's something I'm working on right now:


It's my first time experimenting with samples and I've set them in front of a bongo and marimba cover of the Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped theme.
It still sounds a bit amateur to me but I have no idea what exactly is giving it that feel - hopefully a few of you might be able to point out anything obvious?

Source material:


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As a fellow amateur mixer, my first advice is DON'T GIVE UP. That said, let me offer what I can on this. The bass has a bit of a synthy twang to it to me, which isn't necessarily bad. Just adds a bit of contrast to the more organic sounding bongo and marimba leads (which sound alright to me, for what it's worth). Frankly though, it feels a little short, though I understand that working with short source material can make it more difficult to make extensive mixes. But back to what you do have here: my best impression is that your mix focuses heavily on percussion, tuned or otherwise, that lends a somewhat hollow feel as far as I can hear. Consider working with the percussion leads to make them have a little more presence, perhaps some delay or echo, a little more oomph perhaps, and maybe try to make the bass a tad bit more pronounced: sharpen its sound a little, maybe increase the intensity just enough to emphasize the higher pitched leads and such. As for all the samples, I haven't played Crash Bandicoot (starting to think I should), but I don't think the voice clips detract too much from the music. Keep at it.

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Thanks for the in-depth feedback! I really appreciate it.
I'll definitely take it on board and revisit the track to see how much it can be improved.
Very pleased to hear the voice doesn't detract from it too much, I thought it might be quite polarising.

I've made notes to experiment with:-
-Adding a new section or two to make it feel like a more complete piece
-Giving the lead percussion a bit more presence
-Making the bass more pronounced

Hopefully I should have a new version to share soon.

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