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  1. Thanks for the in-depth feedback! I really appreciate it. I'll definitely take it on board and revisit the track to see how much it can be improved. Very pleased to hear the voice doesn't detract from it too much, I thought it might be quite polarising. I've made notes to experiment with:- -Adding a new section or two to make it feel like a more complete piece -Giving the lead percussion a bit more presence -Making the bass more pronounced Hopefully I should have a new version to share soon.
  2. What an epic cover - vast improvement on the original! Sounds like it would sound right at home in something like Super Smash Bros.
  3. Wow! First time I've heard somebody turn that short clip into something more substantial - it works really well. Nice and chilled out. I could definitely listen to more of this if the track was longer. Are you planning on expanding or experimenting more?
  4. Great work! This is bringing back memories of swimming around as Enguarde the swordfish when I was a kid. Have to say, I prefer it to the original. The choice of instruments was perfect. Here's the source for any other listeners:
  5. Hey guys. I'm completely new to remixing and would love a bit of feedback to help me find my feet! Here's something I'm working on right now: It's my first time experimenting with samples and I've set them in front of a bongo and marimba cover of the Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped theme. It still sounds a bit amateur to me but I have no idea what exactly is giving it that feel - hopefully a few of you might be able to point out anything obvious? Source material:
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