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OCR03854 - Chrono Trigger "Save the Future"


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Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the debut. I enjoyed this ReMix. I like the creativity in arrangement and sound design. It definitely makes it onto my personal playlist.

0:00 - I like the piano here and the subtle effects, very emotional, 0:12 - Tambourine rhythm seemed a bit off, 0:16 - nice guitar (is this hammond here?), and I love the toms, 0:32 - loving the sound of the pad here with those 'slip' effects and that vox-sine-like lead, 0:50 - that is really interesting clock sound, it has a lot of character, seriously!, 0:52 - I like the bass guitar (hammond) sound, nice attack, 1:06 excellent use of the 70s prog sound here,1:19 - this verse did not resonant with me musically for some reason, but I really like the hammond sounds, excellent work there, 1:47 - deviates from the source in a way that I'm just not feeling, but that's just personal preference, it's well executed though, 2:15 - I'm feeling it here, very epic, spine-tingling, excellent percussion and synth lead 2:43 - 2:50 - Interesting prog transition, fits well in the piece2:51 - I really like this transition with the effects and those toms are lightning, 3:07 - I like this progressive section, it brings out the sense of peril in contrast to the confidence from the beginning of the track, epic, 3:18 - again, great transition, loving the synth lead here, nice snare hits on the 3rd beat, cymbals sound great, nice kick drum programming, 3:35 - yes, second round, nice modulation on the synth lead here, its really building up, nice vibrato and improvisation, 3:43 - wow, just wow, that is unexpected but works so perfectly here, very powerful arrangement, loving it, though, I wish that the synth release would have been longer and we had more time to digest that moment before jumping into 3:53 - nice build-up here with the snare, 3:58 - this section is well executed, I do like the pitch bend and improvisation on the them in the synth lead, 4:12 - for me, the dissonance here is out of place, 4:22 - nice harmonization, Ending - clock sound was a bit too extended and distracting in my opinion.

Overall, excellent mix, very well done. Every new Chrono Trigger ReMix has to fill big shoes, and your track pulled it off. My main qualm is that post-3:43, the track felt a rushed. Thanks so much for taking the time to make and share your track!

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