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Spin the Wheel - Number 3

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Hello all and welcome to the third edition of Spin the Wheel! A fun way to showcase appreciation of soundtrack based music in Video Games!

Today's video game to remix is here!

Be sure to read the rules here! This is to help brush your knowledge about the compo!

Current games in the wheel:

Last weeks winners was a tie from Hoboka, and Ronald Poe!

The ones Highlighted in blue are the choices made by last rounds winner, which was me by deafault!

The Wheel in Action!


It landed on PS1 again!

The random game that was chosen is.......

Spyro the Dragon!

Download available MIDI files here!

Search Spyro the Dragon using Ctrl + F! This game lists 21 midi files, to remix with! It's the original Spyro the Dragon, non of it's sequels. 

Listen to the Soundtrack:


 Information about the Game and Soundtrack: 

Spyro the Dragon was created by a game company known as Insomniac Games, published by Sony, released in 1998. The game involves a cute little dragon named Spyro, who has a buddy named Sparx. Your objective is to recuse other dragons who have been place under a spell by the evil, Gnastly Gnorc. The game was one of the more popular titles for the PS1, and after a few weeks and months, it went on to be one of the biggest selling PS1 titles, launching a franchise still, known and loved today. The music is unique to other games, as it was composed by Stewart Copeland, who began life Drumming for the Police. Yep, you heard me, he was involved in the ever so famous 80s group, The Police. The soundtrack itself, is very much a Police soundtrack, with many of the reggae style slow peices, coinciding with the more uptempo rock and funk. For a game, that you would expect have a orchestral sound, is actually more rock (Sometimes though, i suppose some elements in structure and rhythm, could lean into the classical territory) It's a really great score, it would be interesting to see what you make of it.

Compo starts Today at 25th January 2019! and finishes at 1st February 2019!

Voting begins on the 1st February 2019 and finishes on the 8th February 2019. I will inform you who has won on the thread!

Please submit a valid mp3 file, in decent quality that is less than 20mb. It must be easy to access and download. A ThaSauce page will be set up soon, so if you can then submissions. It's been an on/off situation with ThaSauce, so SoundCloud is a good choice if ThaSauce isn't working for you. Right now nothing is set up, so submissions will have to be external from this thread, via download links, or streaming services. I recommend using SoundCloud as a choice of service! Add a link here on this thread, if you can. 

You have 2 weeks to mix! Let's see what you have come up with! Good Luck!

Since i won last time, i can only submit a Bonus mix! Good luck to you all!

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Well it's over, and we only have 1 entry! (Impressively, not by me) To try and get some entries in, 2 Day extension is added!

This is a really fun way to participate! It will get people to understand the appeal of soundtrack based VGM, than one particular track. 

Let's hope we get more entries in 2 days eh?

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And it is over!

Our entries included a Submission from Ronald Poe

Considering he is the only one, who has participated:

Ronald Poe is the  winner by default for SPIN THE WHEEL 3! 

Congratulations Ronald Poe! Since you won by default, you get to decide 6 games that can go into the wheel, one for each system. Just to clarify it's 1 game, per system, not 6 games for one system! One for each system listed below. 

Before you submit your games you must follow these rules:

  • Do not submit a game that is already in the wheel. 
  • Try and go for games that haven't as many remixes
  • Make sure it's re-mixable, but of course it will be anyways lol.
  • Make sure the games you pick, have over 5 tracks long at least 30 seconds or more. I cannot accept games, that don't contain music or a sufficient number of tracks.
  • It's customary to provide me a link to the soundtrack, weather it be YouTube, Dailymotion or whatever. If not, then i will.
  • Please PM me the games, i want this to be private.
  • List the choice of games by the name of the system. So if it was X-Men, that would be classed as a Sega Genesis game and would be placed under that heading. It's also optional to list the composer, to help with the info. What i need is essentially one game from each system listed below. 
  • I want these entries by next week Friday 15th February! Once you have sent the me the games, next round goes up ASAP. I will review the choice of games to make sure they are acceptable.

Below is a list of games, currently in the wheel. When your games have been chosen, expect to see a couple of games be swapped, for the next compo, which is on the Friday 15th of February. This will be highlighted in colour (Or colours depending if there is multiple winners). 

The 6 video game systems are as follows:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Sega Genesis
  • PS1
  • Arcade
  •  PC

 Current games in the wheel (This will change as i receive games from the winners):

Please send me these entries via PM, with each game listed underneath each console. So i'd put it like this if it was me: Name of Game, followed by Name of Console. I need this by Next Sunday 6th January. 

Congratulations everyone, i will see you next time!

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