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  1. The whole reason i made this poll, was because i wanted a consensus on whether people preferred remixing older games, or newer games. I didn't add a both, because i'm specifically looking for a preference, rather than a general viewpoint. Currently source picks are limited to the year 2006 and earlier. I'm planning on adjusting this rule, or removing it completely, and as of now, it starts with a Poll. I'm also going to add a few more adjustments, to encourage people to submit lesser known video games, rather than big name franchises. I say encourage here, it's not a mandatory requirement
  2. Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes) Congratulations to Wassup Thunder for winning the last round! As a result, he get's to choose this month's MnP source! Here's what he had to say about his pick: "Here's an obscure tune from my youth! Not many have heard of Magical Starsign, an old RPG on the nintendo DS, but you should hear the track Bena Rikashi, the theme of a bustling city on a wind planet! It's short (only 30 seconds of material), simple, sweet, and gots lots of room for interpretation!" - Wassup Thunder GAME: Magical Starsign (Nintendo
  3. Congrats Souperion! You all did great work!
  4. Looks like i missed out. I was busy, so i forgot about it lol. Give me a second, gonna listen and post some comments here.... Souperion - Very nice take on this source. The original did give off a medieval kind of vibe, but done with a synthesizer. So the feeling is there, but not the sound. In this case, i really like how you've made it more cinematic and fitting to some kind of war/battle thing from the old period. I don't know what movie matches, but the one closest to me, would be 300 or LOTR. I really love the strings, and the drums work super well. It does fit perfectly in orch
  5. Results In 1st place with 16 points: Wassup Thunder In 2nd place with 12 points: TheVodouQueen And the joint last place heroes both with 10 points are: TheVideoGamer and Souperion. Wassup Thunder please PM me with your source pick for Round 124. Ideally for next week. (Roughly the 3rd of May) Congrats to everyone who participated, you peeps did great! Comments: Nothing to add here, great turnout this month!
  6. Looking forward to hearing it when i vote
  7. When in doubt, do what i did, and re-modify it into 4/4 lol.
  8. Oh snap this is a funky tune! And i don't even play mega man lol... Definitely Looking forward to this one!
  9. A good technique for me, when mixing songs, is to take the harmony of one, and the melody of the other, and try and work them into each other. Alternatively you can re-arrange the melody slightly, to fit the tempo/time signature. I don't mean change the melody, but instead adjust the length of some notes, or the position of the note.
  10. You don't need to worry about fusing the songs, but more so about the creativity that goes into it. I just go by my brain to be honest lol.
  11. Welcome to the Voting Stage! There are 4 entries this round. There is 0 Bonus entry(s) this round There IS a voter bonus this round! TheVodouQueen and TheVideoGamer both have a vote worth 2x. When Voting, if possible, avoid granting 1:1 covers top spot. MnP requires a bit of remixage after all. Don't vote for Bonus entries please. Do let me know if you have problems voting, and we can sort something out. Try and not make any comments about each entrant until after voting has concluded. Thanks! Participants may not vote for themselves
  12. I noticed that too lol, that was when i decided to put my head down and got cracking.
  13. Dude please stop acting like a total Zork lol.
  14. The bassline (Ostinato if you wanna be technical) runs on a single note throughout the whole thing, so that really determines the key signature. Since it's at a constant Bb, i can guarantee it's in Bb Minor. There is a few minor thirds in there too, which also helps.
  15. The rearrangement is good, as inspiration for your remix, just to see how the composer arranged it for real instruments.
  16. Haha the main difference is the stabs are string chords, and the drums are techno-like. What's good about this version, is that it highlights how good the chord progression is. Again it's a simple track, your creativity is encouraged, but the strings do make a big difference.
  17. Congrats dude! You all did some great entries!
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