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  1. Must be a mistake. Even still, it would be a bonus, not an official entry like it appears.
  2. I voted! I did say watch out for my tomfoolery.....hehehehe... Ehem, anyways i voted.
  3. Looks like ThaSauce is down again I guess SoundCloud for the time being....
  4. Shame, still though, i liked all the remixes. Don't worry, can't win them all lol.
  5. Now your talking! I'm definitely gonna whip something up for this masterpiece.
  6. Ok i'm sorry, but i'm having a hard time incorporating the piano piece into something...usable. Maybe you guys might have better luck, but for now, see you in MnP 103. Besides i'm not obligated to participate in every round am i? lol But i am obligated to vote. So watch out for my tomfoolery hehehehehe....
  7. How am i going to do MnP remix, if it's a solo piano piece? I might as well add a Piano VST to a MIDI and call it a day lol.
  8. Wow that is actually pretty awesome. Doesn’t happen often. As for PAL I guess it might be around 100-115 or something. I don’t know. I’m pretty stocked the composer loves your work. Maybe Risto Vuoi might get a knack out of my stardust remix XD Still though I’m impressed. Congrats!
  9. Ack! realised i missed something important in the MIDI. Re-upload for those interested. You will see a difference if you compare.
  10. It' there, but it's been slow, with an average of 0 entrants. PRC and MnP sort of suffer the same to be honest. PRC388 and 389 only had 2 entrants, and while MnP is doing slightly better, MnP101 still only had 3 entries. Again, it's been a slow year, maybe things pick up, who knows, it might be because aren't familiar or anything like that. Oh well, glad your doing ok.
  11. I hope people submit, these are some top quality source picks.
  12. Yo it's been a while, any updates? Sorry if it seems like i'm in a rush, it's been 11 days.
  13. Hello all and welcome to the sixth edition of Spin the Wheel! A fun way to showcase appreciation of soundtrack based music in Video Games! Today's video game to remix is here! Be sure to read the rules here! This is to help brush your knowledge about the compo! Current games in the wheel: Last weeks winners was unfortunately no-one, as nobody entered. So as a result, the wheel will continue as normal, without any additional games. The Wheel in Action! Lets SPIN THE WHEEL! Arcade gets a mention! The random game that was chosen is....... Battle Garregga Download available MIDI files here! Search Battle Garregga using Ctrl + F! This game lists 3 midi files in total, 2 usable, one's a title theme. Because i'm generous, i will add some more MIDI files later, through custom transcription, this will come soon, so hang tight! Listen to the Soundtrack:    Information about the Game and Soundtrack:  Battle Garregga is a bullet hell shoot-em-up created by Razing, and Published by Enlightening. The game was a big hit, in Japan, despite not being localised in America or Europe. The game involves a series of ships, in which you select a ship, and transverse through various stages destroying a large quantity of enemies, 2 many to be useful. Because of the nature of it's ridiculous fast gameplay, it is only necessary and ideal, for it to be packed with an equally fast-paced soundtrack. Scored by Manabu Namiki, using a combination of FM synthesis from the YM2151, and 4 channels of PCM, it is considered one of the best soundtracks in Shoot-Em-Ups, which i can agree. The whole soundtrack features Underground Resistance Styled Techno Compositions, nested with occasional breakbeat tracks, as well as heavy emphasis of dark atmosphere, a feature in UR and Jeff Mills, 2 of Techno's finest acts, with one being a Label and a Group, and one, a solo artist with, incredible speed in mixing. I've seen the guys work. Also included, prominently in the boss battles, is fast paced hardcore, a genre known by few, for it's loud distorted repetitive beats. Although for some, like me it can sound awesome, especially those who are familiar, or for others, it can sound like a giant fart. I'm sorry, it is believe it or not, an acquired taste. Don't blame me though, blame the many fans who love this soundtrack, and i'm no exception. I'm not trying to tell you, this is in my top ten, but i'm sure you get the idea...excuse me... Compo starts Today at 12th April 2019! and finishes at 26th April 2019! Voting begins on the 26th April 2019 and finishes on the 3rd May 2019. I will inform you who has won on the thread! Please submit a valid mp3 file, in decent quality that is less than 20mb. It must be easy to access and download. A ThaSauce page will be set up soon, so if you can then submissions. It's been an on/off situation with ThaSauce, so SoundCloud is a good choice if ThaSauce isn't working for you. Right now nothing is set up, so submissions will have to be external from this thread, via download links, or streaming services. I recommend using SoundCloud as a choice of service! Add a link here on this thread, if you can. You have 2 weeks to mix! Let's see what you have come up with! Good Luck! Nobody has won, so anyone can enter with a full submission! Update: I am in the progress of adding more Battle Garregga MIDI's, as 2 is not sufficient enough, because of this, i will need more time. As a result Spin the Wheel six is on hiatus until all MIDI's are properly complete. I aim for 5-6 files in total, which when complete can be freely used for your remix. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and i will see you soon! Update - 7th June 2019 - I am very busy right now, so i have to put the entirety of Spin the Wheel on hold, until i feel like i'm at a point where i can continue it. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but it's for the nature of my health, and my work-life. This does not mean it's over! It just means an indefinite hiatus, until i return. Thanks for sticking with me, you guys are awesome!
  14. And it is over! Our entries included a Submission from Nobody! Considering nobody, has participated: No one wins SPIN THE WHEEL 4. Wheel will continue as normal! Congratulations No-One! Since Nobody wins, the wheel will continue as normal, without any additional games!  Current games in the wheel (This will change as i receive games from the winners): Next Round up shortly! Congratulations everyone, i will see you next time!
  15. Managed to get an entry in. Really like both sources, but the sheet difficulty in arrangement made me, remix one source. Oh well, maybe somebody else might be lucky, with both sources.