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  1. I started taking the reins from HoboKa in around the 2nd of March 2021. So that would be roughly 2 years and 8 months. That is a long time. Were taking 3 UK prime ministers tenure in office lol. I have been participating in this site, since June 2018. My first ever Video Game remixing competition was PRC, where i submitted an Outrun remix on August 30th 2018. My first MnP remix was on 22nd October 2018. So my affiliation with the community has been pretty huge. I've ran this for over 2 years, and participated in this for 5 years. 5 Years is pretty insane. So i have been fully active in both compo's, and honestly with the amount of time i've spent on here, i am a little sad to see this go. I met a lot of cool people here, heard a lot of weird and wonderful Video Game remixes, as well as looked at all the amazing feedback spent on here. It's been great knowing i had a community of like minded people, sharing their love for VGM as much as me. I also appreciate how many were accepting of some of my unorthodox VG sources, but i wanted to showcase diversity in a compo round. As much as Final Fantasy, Mario, Pokemon have such incredible music, i felt they were hogging the spotlight, so my weird source choices, were a reflection of my eclectic ideas. So knowing how much i had developed a community and now seeing it go is tough.... But i care a lot about my health too, and being drained making rounds for no entries, is pretty hard on me i'm not gonna lie. Especially when i have a life too. So the decision to pull the plug, if i'm gonna be real is the for the benefit of everyone, no matter how hard it is. The good news is that MnP isn't gone for good. It just means the concept of Monthly rounds is a thing of the past. So in the future, it could be the case that we have a 10 month waiting period, before we finally get another MnP round. Hell it could even take 3 years. The world is your oyster. So i will be here to basically do any of the admin work, but ultimately it will be you to decide on what source to use, and when. The only conditions required, is a Video and a MIDI. (Along side the super obvious ones, like Name and Game etc...) All ThaSauce uploading rules still apply, MnP rules still apply (Except for the 6th Gen Rule and the last rule, which for some stupid reason i keep forgetting to change on a round to round basis. When there is a special round, it usually means you can upload more than one source, when there is a normal round, that rule is gone). It seems more complex than it really is, so i hope you just trust my gut. At this point i don't know what else to say, i feel like i've exhausted all possibly gratitude for the wonders of hosting this amazing compo, and as much as it's sad to see it go, it was a choice i needed to make. So i would like to extend a couple thanks to the people on here. I know it's cheesy, but for all we know this could be the last time i ever see you all: 1. HoboKa - For having my back, showing me the ropes, and just being and extremely supportive dude. I love your there to back me up if there is a problem, it was great working with you. You are just really great in adjusting me to compo life. It's been great talking and working with you. 2. Bundeslang - For not only also having my back, but being a great backup option, if i wasn't there for a round. You are also very understanding, and really great at providing advice. 3. Souperion and Wassup Thunder - For essentially preventing the rounds from having no entries lol. For the most part, you made up for the lack of participation. Thanks for that. 4. HarlemHeat360, Hleet and APZX - For also being very active in compo, and again making up for the lack of participation. You guys are highlighted, because you were the probably the 2nd most active participants (Behind Souperion and Wassup Thunder) in this compo, preventing any chances that MnP would be gone for good. 5. The Participants - AKA any other participant who isn't mentioned. Basically you were responsible for prolonging as much of the MnP life as humanly possible. If there was ever a worry the round would be empty, you were there to fill it. 6. And lastly anyone else who isn't mentioned overall, thank you. Even you over there Bob. I don't even know you, but thank you anyways lol. I know it's silly saying this, but you guys really did make it. Anyway's i've said all that is needed to be said. This has been exhausted for long enough. So thanks for everything once again, and i will look forward to the future. See you around! TLDR: MnP Is now On Demand. If you want a round set up, message me with the source, and i will do so. Minimum 2 participants or more to enter. Thanks!
  2. So here is the poll results. Roughly 62.5 percent of you guys like the On Demand model. Around 25 percent want this to remain the same. And around 12.5 percent were a bit undecided. So it brings me unfortunate (Or fortunate depending on your stance on this) news to announce that MnP is NOW A ON DEMAND MODEL. This has been officially the last regularly scheduled MnP round. What is an On Demand model then? Well the concept of On Demand in this case, is that should you feel the urge to remix a Video Game source, especially within the realms of MnP, you will private message me, either on this website, or on ThaSauce's discord (Which should be on Compo.ThaSauce's website i believe) requesting a round to be set up. In order for the compo round to be active, i will require sufficient participation in order for the round to go ahead. A BARE MINIMUM, OF 2 OR MORE. Once the round is up, you will follow the MnP timeframe of a Month to submit, and a week to vote. If it's just you, and nobody else, then i'm afraid it will not go ahead. What would be the most Ideal is 3 or more participants, because then it feels like a round is forming, but at the moment, you only need two. There will be no limits on source selection, but should you go with a Source, it must have at least a video and a MIDI for ease of use, but at this point i assume most people would be familiar with that. I will participate in a round as and when it peaks my interest, and all users are invited to do the same, but this will only be on the basis that somebody has requested a round to be setup. FROM NOW, THERE WILL BE NO REGULARLY MONTHLY MNP ROUNDS. SO ANY INTEREST IN REMIXING VGM MUSIC WILL BE FORMED BY THE INTEREST OF A FEW USERS, NOT BY ME. It is sad to see this die out, but the truth is, i am getting tired. If a lot of people were giving this the Buzz it deserved, then sure, this might encourage me to upload more rounds, but nobody is showing interest, and for me to make a round and have a month of submitting and voting, as well as all the unnescary extensions, was just draining me. People have said, about advertising this elsewhere, but truthfully, i'm done. The lack of participants, especially in the last 5 rounds, has prevented any excitement or drive of me continuing this. So the sad reality, and unfortunate truth is, i've pulled the plug.
  3. Results In 1st place with 6 points: TheVideoGamer (Me) In 2nd place with 4 points: Lunarice And the last place hero with 2 points: JH Sounds Unfortunately even though i've won, i'm afraid this is the end. If you want to know what i mean, then stick around for the poll results. Congrats to everyone who has participated, i'm glad people actually showed up, even if it's on the last round. I'm also glad we had votes in, even though it took a month or two. It's been great fun. It's time to move onto the poll.
  4. Alright so the voting is over, time for me to announce the results of both the round, and the poll.
  5. Still no votes for this round, so i've extended by a few more days. This will be the last extension. Vote Ends on 22nd November. As usual, poll will be closed the minute voting is over.
  6. Nobody voted for this round, so 3 days extra voting time has been added. As usual, poll will be closed the minute voting is over.
  7. Note: The poll will close when voting is over. I will announce the future of the MnP then. Thanks!
  8. Welcome to the Voting Stage! There are 3 entries this round. There is 0 Bonus entry(s) this round There IS no voter bonus this round! Nobody has a vote worth 2x. When Voting, if possible, avoid granting 1:1 covers top spot. MnP requires a bit of remixage after all. Don't vote for Bonus entries please. Do let me know if you have problems voting, and we can sort something out. Try and not make any comments about each entrant until after voting has concluded. Thanks! Participants may not vote for themselves. The winner of this round is determined by the status of the compo's future. Stick around for that! Vote ends 14th November 1PM. Vote here: https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/MnP142
  9. Ok i'm giving this a few extra days to allow for more late entries. The round appears closed, but the box is open for submitting.
  10. If i had like 4 participants then sure, this wouldn't be needed. But everyday i look at this and think to myself. "Why am i doing this if nobody is gonna show up?". I tried to hold out, but in the end, i said sod it, and made the decision to pull the plug. By the way the poll isn't saying should MnP be gone for good. It's saying, if an On Demand model is better than the current model. Basically if you want to remix a VG Source, you message me, and i get the round up for you. That's basically it. So you'll still have the opportunity to make a MnP round, it just won't be regularly. Thanks for the support man, you've been amazing, i really appreciate it. Here's to the future.
  11. I was sick of making rounds for one entry or non. I kept asking "Why am i doing this?" when nobody was entering. The MnP Round 141 had almost like a full 2-3 months of extensions, and nobody was still submitting. I felt the day's of at least 3 entries were gone. People are probably not as into the PRC and MnP scene as they used to be, probably because they grew up, got a job, or had other musical projects they need to commit to. They probably didn't have the time or the drive to do this anymore. Thanks for the support man, anyways! A part of me didn't want to do it, but in the end i just...gave up. It was a lot of fun though, thanks all for sticking with me! Your compliments are commended, and i appreciated the support you've given to me, as well as the opportunity. Thanks for everything! Here's to the future!
  12. I feel like that the notion of PRC ending, has brought upon a massive reunion of both new and old participants which makes me both sad and happy. Let's hope the final round goes off with a bang.
  13. Of course i will be setting up the round if there's a bare minimum of 3 or more, because i want people to be active, but yeah, this might be the future. Glad you still have the drive for music, and it would be fun to remake your first remix, so that sounds like fun.
  14. It is unfortunate, but i guess this is how it was meant to be. I'm grateful to see the old gang back together, for one last compo. 🥺
  15. It's a shame, but i suppose it can't be helped.
  16. I can't say i'm surprised. MnP is suffering the same fate as PRC. I've set up a poll asking whether it should be on demand or not, and so far people are saying it should be. So similar to PRC, MnP will run it's course, and unlike PRC will transfer to a On Demand model. Shame it has to go, it was a lot of fun. But it was especially fun when people were around sharing remixes, and providing fun critique, but alas it's just not the same as it used to be. I'll hold out for this one, and write a farewell song for this round. It's been fun working with you all. Just for the record, i'm not leaving, i'm just not gonna be doing this every month. My poll closes on the 31st October, so the real results will come then. Thanks for being such wonderful people, here's to the future!
  17. Truth is, it's becoming a bit draining making rounds for what is gonna be no entries. I have a lot of stuff going on in the real world, and unless there was significant buzz, i feel like this is just getting popped up for the sake of it. So the poll i've made was kind of asking, if it's fine with the current format or if it's better on demand, and so far from the results, it's very likely it will be on demand. This means if you want to remix a video game source, you message me, and i will set up the round, compared to what it always has been, which is a round ever month. You could try the discord, but i think i'll just let it run it's course. It's been a fun couple of years running this, and even more fun participating when HoboKa was around. Maybe i just don't have the drive i used to, because of how many people are not entering. Thanks for the support anyways.
  18. Right the next round is finally out. Let's hope this one produces a lot of entries:
  19. The last round yielded no results. I tried to prolong this for as long as possible, but it seems nobody is interested, so i eventually decided to move on. This was meant to be on the 1st of October, but i had a lot of commitments on, and also, i was stubborn enough to give it one more shot in hopes of receiving any entries, but it wasn't meant to be. I've finally managed to get my act together and prepare the Halloween special. Better late than never. As you may know, October time means it's Halloween! So it's time to do another one of our Halloween special rounds! As i did with the last round, this is gonna be completely different, and it's gonna be one hell of a show. Let's see what we have in store! Ok so in this round you will be tasked in remixing any Halloween based theme from any SONIC or MARIO game. This can be in the form of a level, a boss theme or even a track that's not a stage theme, but plays a significant role in the game. To help you here's what i'm looking for: Any musical piece that is a main proponent of any SONIC or MARIO Game, that is very spooky and embodies the themes and ideas of Halloween. The track must be a main part of the game. So no minor cutscene music, jingles, or small elements that don't make up the game. The music and the stage must be related to the concept of Halloween related items, like Ghost's and Vampires etc. I cannot accept normal video game music. It must be deliberately spooky. The track is an official part of the game, i won't accept Fan Hacks or Fan Made games. No crossover games. It's either a Mario source, or a Sonic source. Any source from any genre, in any length is accepted. It just needs to be a Halloween type piece from a Sonic or Mario game. These rules are there to ensure that this is a Halloween based round, and some user uploading a random Sonic remix, if you catch my drift. Halloween encompasses many ideas and traditions, so you will definately not be short on musical ideas. Conditions in regards to submitting: None of the rules in regards to source/remix selection apply here, since it's a Halloween round, however the standard uploading rules for ThaSauce (20mb size, MP3 etc...) remain as normal. You can remix more than one source in this round, but i will only accept a maximum of 3 submissions. This round and any other special rounds bares no relation to any of the sister compo's and/or it's affiliates (Such as PRC And that's it really. I'm here for any questions you may have, and i'm willing to guide you into opening up your own creative ideas for this round. There will never be a limitation of the music you can make that is based off the wonderful traditions of Halloween. Good luck guys, and remember to have fun! Here's a concrete list to any levels featured in the SONIC series: https://info.sonicretro.org/Category:Levels_with_a_spooky/supernatural_theme Here's a concrete list to any levels featured in the MARIO series: https://mario.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Haunted-themed MIDI files for Mario games: https://themushroomkingdom.net/midi.shtml MIDI files for Sonic games: There isn't a database specifically for Sonic Games, but if you go to https://www.vgmusic.com/, find the video game system your game is from, and then scroll to your game you'll be able to find it. CTRL + F is also a good way to search for things. Note: Make sure you write down the Game Name and the Source Name in the description so we know who did what. There is also no rules in regards to any duplicate sources. So i'm ok with 3 people doing the same source etc. Because there were no submissions in the last round, Double Dose will not be applicable. Deadline: 31st October @ 1PM Closing Date: 2nd November @ 1PM Vote Ends: 9th November @ 1PM MnP ARCHIVE - made by Trism submit: https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/MnP142 MISSION STATEMENT The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required. MnP Instructions/Guidelines Guidelines: Modifying the Source is fine, so long as it doesn't sound completely separate from its original intent. If you're gonna do a genre change, at least make sure the original aspect of the source is not lost. Tempo changes are fine, as long as it's not a big change. I'm talking like, going from 80bpm to 140bpm. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max), and submitted as a MP3 file. Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry. Try to avoid making quality-based comments on submissions until after the Round is concluded. It is to avoid a Bias in Votes. For this round you can remix more than one source. Do make sure you let me know which source(s) you've picked in the submission notes. MISC/TIPS - When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make people's lives easier. - In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)
  20. It's been a while, and there's no entries still. I'm gonna hold out hope and give this another 10 days. during this time i'll prepare the annual Halloween special, which will premier on the 27th September. If by the 10 days nobody enters, the winner of the MnP Halloween special will give me a source for Round 143. Thanks for sticking with me. To make this more visible/accessible, the deadline will be changed, instead of the round closed date. The voting now ends on the 7th October.
  21. That was quick wow lol. Thanks for recognising my bonus entry! That's super kind of you. I need to get some time for the Terranigma, so hopefully we don't need to keep adding extensions.
  22. I have a bonus ready, but the box is closed. I rendered with 5 minutes to spare hoping it would go through quickly, but alas my render didn't make it on time. So on the of-chance a round extension is not possible, i've share it as a Dropbox file. Truthfully the 2nd version is miles better than the first, but i'm still not satisfied. Psycho Section is one of those tracks where it's extremely hard to replicate/improve on the original, i guess it's just that good. I don't want to dedicate my life to this however, as i have other things that are sadly more important, that's why i choose this source, so i could force myself to work on this more, but i guess it still needs work. Whatever, i'm grateful for APZX for saving this from having no entries, and i'm glad i at least had another go at remixing it. I'm also grateful to Bundeslang for allowing us to re-tread past sources, because it's opened up a lot of opportunities. So here is my Batman bonus. Hope you like Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/n394niaatgtwwl7obf9so/Psycho-Rave-Version-2.mp3?rlkey=kzvrb7t3wz83b8n6l9pp606mb&dl=0
  23. Still no entries. I will give it one last extension, for 2 days, and of nobody enters, then HarlemHeat360 you will have to send me another source for next week.
  24. I’m away for two weeks, and there’s still no entries, so I’ll be generous and give it a weeks extension. Hopefully we have some entries soon.
  25. Welp i forgot about this, but thanks for the kindness anyways! Also thanks to all who voted for me, and congrats to the rest! Source coming your way!
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