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  1. Here's something you haven't seen in a while. A vote from me. I voted you guys.
  2. New entrant so unexpectedly heh. Vote coming shortly.
  3. Entry submitted! Much harder than i thought, but i got something in.
  4. Dry your weary eyes, young one. PRC399 source coming to a PC near you. (Or laptop, you know, live your life)
  5. I don’t know some of these, that’s probably why. Personally, Mario is a bit overhyped. Every one knows Mario (Especially the early games) by now, so find a bit of a cliche at this point. Can’t argue with the sick modern Mario soundtracks though. Just me though....ok why are you staring at me like that...oh
  6. To be honest, it’s a bit too early for Christmas songs. December time is the best time for me. Don’t know about you guys.
  7. Nice one Dex. This is one of the more enjoyable ones from the soundtrack. Good pick!
  8. Dam, i'd thought this would be an easy one. Shame, could have gotten more views. Oh well, source coming soon.
  9. That's good news. I knew you'd get there in the end
  10. Any luck yet Dex? It’s been a while. I know picking a source can be difficult.
  11. Hopefully, otherwise I get to pick another tune.