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  1. If nobody else enters, when the deadline is over, i will give the choice to HoboKa, depending if he's doing his entry as a bonus or a real submission.
  2. It's what's call a shuffle groove. You essentially putting in 4 quarter notes within a 3/4 time signature. Different from a poly-rhythm where it's 4 beats against 3 beats, since this is all quarter notes. I think Dex did a better job explaining than me lol.
  3. Yo i love Mashiro Yuge work! He did the sick truxton soundtrack! This gives me some ideas.... Also, you forgot to change the title lol. Ridge Racer was last round haha.
  4. I knew it would come to this. Source coming shortly!
  5. A bit of an odd one. This source should be popular enough to garner some interest.... But i guess not.
  6. I think from the sounds of it, i might end up picking another entry (Unless someone magically enters at the last minute). Oh well, onwards and upwards i guess lol.
  7. Bonus Entry Up! Had a lot of fun with this one.
  8. I have my bonus entry in the works. It’s taking time though because I’m a bit busy.
  9. It's only a source round. If i had the chance, most of the score would be up, but i can only pick one... Do what you can, the score is notorious for vocal samples, so that might be a challenge. At least it has chords and motifs. So melodic elements are ripe here. I guess do what you can...
  10. DjMokram saved me the trouble lol. Congrats! Struggled with this one despite it being a great source. Inspiration for ya haha. Good to see you anyways!
  11. Right here lol. At least you understand haha.
  12. No worries, i still think yours was awesome, but it was a bonus, so i couldn't vote for it.