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  1. Looks like ThaSauce is down again I guess SoundCloud for the time being....
  2. Shame, still though, i liked all the remixes. Don't worry, can't win them all lol.
  3. Now your talking! I'm definitely gonna whip something up for this masterpiece.
  4. Ok i'm sorry, but i'm having a hard time incorporating the piano piece into something...usable. Maybe you guys might have better luck, but for now, see you in MnP 103. Besides i'm not obligated to participate in every round am i? lol But i am obligated to vote. So watch out for my tomfoolery hehehehehe....
  5. How am i going to do MnP remix, if it's a solo piano piece? I might as well add a Piano VST to a MIDI and call it a day lol.
  6. Wow that is actually pretty awesome. Doesn’t happen often. As for PAL I guess it might be around 100-115 or something. I don’t know. I’m pretty stocked the composer loves your work. Maybe Risto Vuoi might get a knack out of my stardust remix XD Still though I’m impressed. Congrats!
  7. Ack! realised i missed something important in the MIDI. Re-upload for those interested. You will see a difference if you compare.
  8. It' there, but it's been slow, with an average of 0 entrants. PRC and MnP sort of suffer the same to be honest. PRC388 and 389 only had 2 entrants, and while MnP is doing slightly better, MnP101 still only had 3 entries. Again, it's been a slow year, maybe things pick up, who knows, it might be because aren't familiar or anything like that. Oh well, glad your doing ok.
  9. I hope people submit, these are some top quality source picks.
  10. Yo it's been a while, any updates? Sorry if it seems like i'm in a rush, it's been 11 days.