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Composing original soundtracks to old games

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Are there any tools, like for an emulator, that allow you to replace the music in older games?

Say I wanted to rewrite the soundtrack to Ocarina of Time, mainly for the fun of it, and wanted to get together with some friends and play through the game with the new soundtrack. I'm not too bothered about authenticity here, no need to actually program in the original format, as the soundtrack would be more of an original composition AND production project. I don't really have much interest in trying to make a big public deal of it, more for my amusement and that of some friends.

After working on How to Save the World in 20 Minutes or Less, I kind of want to expand that into a full soundtrack and play around with it a bit.

I could probably contact that guy on youtube that is recreating the game in Unreal (Cryzen?, something like that.).

If you know of any way to do this, your input would be appreciated.

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the rom hacks of SMW have a lot of original music in them. grand poo world, the like.

i'm sure some of the devs would be enthusiastic enough to share their knowledge if you find the right forum.

i remember years ago, i had the right software to change one sound in a SNES rom to a fart sound, or something...meaning: if i can do it, you can do basic stupid hacks. how hard is it to do entirely new midi data, loop points, samples etc? i don't know. best get to know the pros (the amateurs...)

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