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PRC & MnP Missing!

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Hello, it's me again. The guy who wanted to know the source of the lost remixes of VGMix1 (Who wants to help still have some missing source remixes). I'm here again asking you for another help to find remixes lost this time from another site, Compo PRC and MnP. With the help of Bundeslang, Hoboka, Argle, Esperado & Grappling Hook. Here they are:

PRC11 (Kirby's Block Ball - Main Theme)

Kirby Chaos By Mythril Nazgul
K-Bizziby By Rellik

PRC16 (Secret of Evermore - Palace of Collosia)

Fields of Glass Treasure By Chokster37

PRC18 (Final Fantasy VIII - Assault on Dollet)

Mid Dawn By Lasakon

PRC26 (Mega Man 7 - Shade Man)

Three By DMLee

prc45 (2-19) (Kirby 64 -  Cave Theme)

DJCrapper piano solo By DJ Notte

MnP1 (Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme)

Drum ‘n Battle by Trism
FF7 Battle by DrumJ8
FF7 Battle by HarryUp
Bonus Mix: Horny Suk 3 5 Ever by Damashi!

If anyone is interested, I can put all the missing PRCs and MnPs I found for download.

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Remix Found
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On 4/11/2019 at 8:23 AM, Bundeslang said:

I've asked Ramaniscence and Fusion2004 about the MnP1 songs, since they should still exist, they'll look for it this weekend.

I tried and failed to do recovery shtuff.  It's really Starla's domain at this point.  I think it's her rodio, so to speak. 

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