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Lookin' For Buddies, FF6 Searching for Friends Remix. Would like feedback on work done so far.

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I've always liked this tune, and I put together something incorporating two ideas.

Edit 4 25 19 Ok, so this is a rough section/rendition that I have posted at the bottom, I am mainly wondering about the "lead guitar". I don't know if it's up to par...besides that, I don't think the balance is quite right.. I am going to have/already have more than this: I am concerned about elec guitar lead...Thanks!:)

Edit 4 27 19 I'm still wondering about the guitar mentioned above, but this time I have added an acoustic guitar/flute section at the beginning. That is me playing the flute here:) The timing is slightly off at the beginning...I now realize I had different drivers for playback and recording activated while recording the flute, and with baby, I have so little mic time Looking for feedback on this WIP.

My goal is to expand on this idea, lengthen the tune, and have the guitar and flute playing together/question answer each other.

Edit 4 28 19 I just figured out that I can just move the flute audio track in the DAW, so now it lines up better. At least the driver issue I mentioned didn't actually stretch the timing of the recording. Since I was in there, I also added a little acoustic guitar to "play" along with the flute. Feedback welcome, as always!:)

Edit 7 4 19 Latest version is in the most recent of my posts in this thread, along with the original...as per Ready For Review instructions.

Edit 10-17-2019 - Latest version posted here, along with original. The actual WAV sounds a little better than this Soundcloud link,(the pads are marginalized, and the bass seems emphasized) but the idea is clear:) Thanks for feedback!

Edit 10-20-2019 Changed the lead, and am sharing as a Google Drive link, so the file can be downloaded and listened to with proper software (ASIO)




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Glad to see that you're still working on this one! I think the idea of mixing your two approaches will make this a very interesting project. Right now, it sounds like the electric guitar section is a little too open and heavy on reverb, I think. Maybe try to make it have a bit more crisp sound, reduce the echo a tad. I did like the transition, though, with the rocking aspects briefly fading in before taking the lead. Keep working with this, you've got something cool in the making!

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The call and answer theme works quite nicely, with your fluting typically taking the roll of the source material and the guitar having fun with variation and ornamentation. It might be nice to give the flute the chance to handle some of the more original parts, though the bit you have at the end is a nice touch. The guitar itself adds a very interesting dynamic to your piece, the contrast of the rock aspect and the acoustic overlapping. Wish I had better advice to offer regarding the 'tar, but you've made progress with this track. Good work, keep at it!

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Thanks for the feedback!:) I would like to spice it up more with the flute, but Mic time is hard to come by at all these days with an infant at home. I'm trying to make do with the recordings I already have. It's cool that you said something about the flute vs. Guitar....I am trying to make it as intentional sounding as possible...so it looks like that kinda worked;)

Again, thanks for the listen and feedback!:)

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I kinda dig the synth replacing the guitar parts, though it has a sort of blaring quality that really contrasts with the flute. I suppose that isn't inherently a bad thing, but it may be worth seeing how it would sound if you tweaked it to be a little smoother to blend some more with the softer, organic parts. The percussion is really nice, though, good reverb there, and your synth parts add quite a bit of personality to the tune. Good to hear this song still going!

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