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1. work-in-progress Sonic 4 Episode II - Sylvania Castle Zone Remix (Sonic Generations Style)

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Hey all! First time poster here so I hope I do this right! When Sonic Generations came out years ago one of my favorite aspects of the game was that all of the Sonic stages within it received both "classic" and "modern" remixes. I thought it would be fun to take Sylvania Castle Zone from Sonic 4 Episode II and try to remix it in the style of the classic stages from Sonic Generations. Here's the original song for reference:

And here's my version:


I think it sounds okay so far but I thought it would be helpful to get some other people's opinions on it. I also feel like there's something...missing. I can't put my finger on it but it feels like it needs something to give it more energy like the Generations remixes had. I appreciate any and all feedback!

EDIT: For some reason I think the google drive link is broken. Here's a SoundCloud link if the other one isn't working:


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I like your choice of instruments, it's cohesive with the original but interestingly different. It isn't as bright as the original either,  making it a little more relaxing to listen to. It does sound a little soft though, that may be part of the sensation of missing something. What kind of DAW do you use? Try raising the velocity of notes or just increasing the channel volume a bit. That may make it a little fuller, and a little reverb might not hurt. All in all, this is pretty nice and chill. Good work!

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