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I like the guitar performance. Lots of stylish, Dave Wise-y bends. The mixing could use some work. It's not good, and the bass suffers the most for it. I think you've tried to solve it by giving the bass too much lows. You should probably carve some space for the bass in the other tracks using eq so it can have some clarity too. Then it doesn't have to be so loud in the lows, making for an overall better mix. Lead guitar levels could be a little lower. Drum writing in the early parts of the track is pretty boring, but gets better as the track goes on.

If you like the fade out at the end, no problem, but you could probably write some ending stuff for the other instruments and let the lead guitar end on that long A. Fading out is a useful thing to do when you don't have a clear home chord in your progression or when you just don't want to end it with a fill and/or an increasingly sparse sound. Or when that's what you want to do. But it can also sound a bit cheap. I don't mind it here.

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