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  1. Hey everyone! In this rendition I went for a kinda doo wop 50's style, drew some inspiration from Sleep Walk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lo-NqgZHhAImrFf-OEJf53tQp6eY-u8C/view?usp=sharing Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think, comment on the production, arrangements, etc! Thank you
  2. Hey there! Pretty cool remix, it sounds very... Live! It's like a recording of a real live presentation. If you put some chatter and applause in the background I would totally believe it was from a concert hall or something. Really like the choir, it really compliments the original theme. That ending is superb, you totally nailed the orchestral feel. Great job =D
  3. Hey Neon X, pretty cool remix here! I really like your synth sounds and the whole flow is pretty great. The constant change in textures and ups and downs work really well. The production also sounds very crisp and punchy. Great solo by the way! You should be proud of that indeed! Sounds ready to go to me! Actually I really prefer your version over the original lol Great job =D
  4. Hey guys! Here's my version of Krooks March from Donkey Kong Country 2 (aka the Castle Theme from that game). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pLEhWwtJ301pH9aVGFXS-8dOZE92DqX0/view?usp=sharing My goal was to make a metal cover of this and since the song itself is very symphonic this turned out like a mixture of Dream Theater with Iron Maiden. Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! This is my take on the Stickerbrush Symphony theme from DKC2. I went for a Joe Satriani feel on the overall track, I hope you guys like it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=15bq3BVBAGtGuEGPSmdlFuQ5oAi8XNPI_
  6. I really like this! The only part I wasn't sold was on the drums, they sound too mechanical and stiff (maybe that's what you were going for, to sound like the in-game version?). I would really like to listen to a more lively and realistic drumset, the track would surely benefit from that! Great job!
  7. Wow this is awesome! The style suits the song perfectly. It sounds very organic, like listening to a street band while drinking something cold and sweet! I think it ends rather abruptly though. Maybe you could revisit the starting theme after the uptempo part? Production-wise it sounds very good to me, everything is crystal clear. Good job, sir! I'm going to look for some other stuff you made!
  8. Hey guys! I went for a 70's progressive rock vibe on the Mining Melancholy song from DKC2. I would really appreciate some feedback on my remix! Thanks in advance! Here's the track https://drive.google.com/open?id=19bdhBVMXV2Yw4JNO0EJePApFyERmksLt
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