TAIKOI - Battle 1 (epic orchestral music)

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Hi there! I released my original composition "Battle 1" on YouTube! Features orchestral instruments like strings, brass, choirs, big drums, woodwinds...

When I composed it, I had this battle atmosphere in mind, but it also could be a very fast paced adventure scene :).

You can listen to it here:




Feedback is much appreciated. For example, how do you feel the mix balance in overall?

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Hey, I really like the track. Reminds me of the Crimson Tide theme song, nice memorable melody.

Couple of things: The bass needs taming. It's resonating quite a bit and is overpowering at times, kinda ruins the mix. A boost to the highs would do it good too.

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No problem. If you want I can look at any other projects you have and help you out with mixing/mastering, I like having the practice and helping out fellows musicians.

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