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  1. Hi there fellow video game music fans. I just released my new version of this epic theme from Strikers 1945 II. Devil's Tower is going to be hot... The original song:
  2. Yo! I made new orchestral arrangement for this Deep Castle theme from Mario & Luigi series. The original composition is beautiful and calm. While keeping the same feeling, I also transformed it a little more epic when the drums come in. The original:
  3. Hi there folks. Just finished my Touhou - U.N. Owen Was Her? arrangement. Hard to describe, so it's just better to see for yourself :D. The original:
  4. Hello! I just finished new arrangement for Dark Cloud - Main Theme. Guitar is in the main role, but piano and synth also plays key parts in this. The original: What are your thoughts? I have been struggling with drum programming a little bit recently. If anyone knows or has some helpful tutorials concerning that, I'm very interested to check those out!
  5. Thank you for detailed review and critique. I agree with drum programming, it could be more interesting if there was some toms and other elements added.
  6. Yo! It has been a long time since I made an arrangement for Street Fighter music. This is Juri's Theme. There is quite intense parts in the middle...had fun recording guitars :). This is the original soundtrack: How do you feel about it overall? Mixing balance and other stuff that comes to mind.
  7. Hi there! I made an arrangement for Strikers 1945 II - Battle of Extreme North There has been some time since I played or recorded guitar, but this one got my fire back. Here is the original soundtrack:
  8. Alright thanks for the info. I especially liked the 0:28 part, and was interested in violins :).
  9. I like the sounds and adventurous atmosphere. What virtual instruments did you use in this production? Remember, there is no "wrong" or "right" when we create art :). Only thing that somehow felt a little bit out of place for me considering the mixing balance was the main melody at 0:55. It felt a little bit too loud comparing it to other sounds. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hi there awesome people! I finished my new fantasy music composition, which includes elements like strings, piano and drums. Kind of waltz style. I'm interested to hear any feelings that might wake inside your soul, so feel free to give feedback p.s. I drew the artwork in Krita, if anyone is interested.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Right now I'm working on orchestral waltz and horror music. Can't wait to publish them! . Finally got my new drawing tablet also, so I'm able to make cooler artwork for them too.
  12. Hi there! I finished my new composition. I was very inspired from all kinds of video game adventures when making this.