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  1. Hello! I was experimenting with violin and cello sounds for Touhou 18 Stage 3 theme "The Perpetual Snow of Komakusa Blossoms". Here is the full cover: What is your favorite theme from Touhou :)?
  2. Yo! I just published new Touhou 13 cover on YouTube. It's "Rigid Paradise" (Stage 3 boss theme). I put some electronic and orchestral twist on it.
  3. Hello! I just uploaded my new version of this Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth track for Mario and Luigi Team Dream OST. It's kind of electronic and orchestral stuff combined. I love the soundtrack of this game. What is your favorite music from the series? Any feedback regarding this cover is welcome
  4. Hello. I composed space music for my juggling performance. It has a little bit synthwave feeling. This music will also be part of my video game development. Here is the music video: What do you think about the whole production? Feedback is very welcome.
  5. This is the first song from my upcoming original album "Richter's Magical Quest", which has a total of eight tracks. It's a quest through different worlds, like water, volcano, winter, factory etc. A very versatile music adventure combining orchestral and electronic elements. This forest theme is quite energetic. Usually forest music tends to be very calm, so I chose this approach. Any feedback is welcome! You can listen to this track and all the other upcoming releases on YouTube . Hit the subscribe button to follow this magical journey! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anttipylsy/
  6. Something special coming... glow ball juggling with original music piece! What do you think about the whole production?
  7. Hey, that's a very good idea! I will make an orchestral version of this at some point. It could suit that "mystical village" feeling a lot more :D! Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Yo everyone! I released new version of this all time classic song from Touhou 4 "Bad Apple". It was very fun project to learn some new stuff with Serum vst (making risers and fallers, pluck sounds, bass etc.) Feedback is very welcome. For example, what kind of feelings do you have on mixing balance overall? Original song:
  9. Hi, thanks for sharing this tune! I think it's overall balance is ok! One particular thing that sticks to my ear a little bit is that very wide kind of "hopping left to right" synth sound. The one that starts the whole song (sorry, I'm bad at explaining things sometimes...). Anyway... that sound's volume is maybe a little too high when comparing it to others. Its high frequency tone might be also one reason why it jumps at me more. I hope this helps in some way!
  10. Hi there. I released my new original song "Sapphire". It's kind of instrumental electronic music... and very chill :D. What kind of feelings does this track wake up inside you? Where could this be heard (video games, anime, movies, atmosphere, place, scene, theme etc...)? I'm very interested in that!
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Btw, I have been looking for some good saxophone vst plugins, do you have suggestions for some?
  12. That's an interesting point! I actually kind of got inspiration from some PS2 horror games for this.
  13. Haha, that sounds quite scary! I hope you can still get some sleep after this . Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Yo! I released new EDM instrumental version of Opening 15 theme from Fairy Tail series. The song is called Masayume Chasing. Original:
  15. Hi there. Just finished my new orchestral arrangement. It's wonderful waltz theme called Lullaby of Deserted Hell from Touhou 11. Original soundtrack:
  16. Yo! I just updated my mix on this orchestral version and uploaded it on YouTube. Thought about sharing it with you :)! Original song:
  17. Hey that's great!
  18. Yo! I made guitar arrangement for Astronomia from Vicetone & Tony Igy. It also features my skydiving... that was intense! Original song:
  19. Hello folks. I published new version of this cool theme from Undertale. I made some some changes to the previous orchestral version, adding piano, a little bit improved mixing and so on. Here is the original:
  20. Touhou 15 - Stage 5 Boss Theme (Clownpiece - Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner) This is very cool theme from Touhou Project. I made my own guitar version for it. Features some synth and strings too. Here is the original:
  21. Hi people. I composed new soundtrack. This is kind of horror and creepy atmosphere
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