*NO* Super Mario Bros. 3 "Hammer Bros. Hour"

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Hi all,

Please find below my submission to OC ReMix and requested details.

Contact info:

ReMixer name: Ka0sph3re

Real name: Fredrik Rojas       

userid: 35822

Submission Info


Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Arrangement: Hammer Bros. Hour

Song: Hammer Bros. Battle Theme

Composer: Koji Kondo

Sound archives have album but not the song listed so link provided just in case.


My comments.


This is my first remix attempt so I went with a classic tune that I’ve know all my life, as a guitarist I decided to play to my strengths.

Despite being a guitarist I really don’t think we need another guitar cover of a Mario tune. In light of this I tried to make more of a ´band´ sound with punchy dynamic drums and a fat bass guitar as the driving force. I wanted a live feel as well so I went for unpolished and playful live guitars and dynamic drums breaks. While not my initial intent I got the feel of a late night talk show band playing so I just went with the vibe and that’s the reason behind the title.

I programmed the drums and bass in FL Studios and then exported to Reaper to record guitars and mix.

I used the following:

MT Power Drumkit 2 VST

FL studios Boo bass through a guitar amp simulator.

Famisynth II VST to double the bass.

A Fender Strat through a Neural DPS amp simulator.



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ima start you off with this:

On 11/8/2019 at 10:16 AM, Sir_NutS said:

I really don’t think we need another guitar cover of a Mario tune

son you shut your mouth or so help me! :lmassoff:

what a silly fun opening. i definitely feel the talk-show band feel. i love the goofy sfx you throw in there as well. i enjoy the big drum sound and the really in-your-face bass sound - i can't believe that any part of that bass is boo bass, but at least it's thematically relevant.

my complaint, as it is, is that it's real, real short. it's essentially through the melody twice with some goofball noise effects thrown in before each time through. from an arrangement perspective, too, while there's some interesting application, it's essentially note-for-note with the original. i think we just can't count this on that perspective. there really needs to be more transformation applied to this, be it via some changes to the melody line, altered chords, time sigs...anything to say it's yours and not just koji with drums. i can't count the sound effects and other weirdo stuff that gives this track charm, either, because they're not source material unfortunately.

unfortunately, while this is an entertaining track, i can't vote for it. the arrangement is essentially nonexistent. another take on the lead guitars changing around some of the melodic line, or some more creativity in how you're adapting this track, and this is a quick yes vote from me.




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Pretty conservative arrangement aside from some SFX reproduction in the middle, along with the Peter Gunn theme thrown in for some reason. Drums are too static; no real energy. Doesn't help that this feels slower than the original.


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I liked this track, specially when it tried to do stuff that's not quoting the original.  Sadly, that didn't happen a whole lot, and this arrangement is pretty close to the original.  I'm not sure if it's too close as to reject it for that, but it's certainly a point of contention.  The mastering here is not ideal either, it seems a touch too loud, the drums sounding pretty dry and lifeless too, and overall the mix feels very low-heavy.  I don't think I'm a fan of the bass synth too much either, as it's very static, and it doesn't seem like it has any filtering or envelopes, which causes it to buzz constantly throughout the track.

I like the idea, but the execution is not quite there.  Expanding the track's arrangement and fine-tuning the production might bring it over the bar but there's work to do for sure.


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