PW: Ace Attorney - Objection! (2001) (Orchestral/Rock Drums Remix)

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Hey guys, this is my first time posting, so sorry if I mess something up here.

I'm really not the best at mixing, so I would really like some advice on how to mix this track better.



DAW is fl studio

Libraries: Hollywood Strings, Hollywood brass, ProDrummer




Source (I think I need this)

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Welcome to the forum, then! Your post is looking fine, don't worry about that. Nice to see another user of Eastwest products. If you haven't already, I highly recommend looking up how use the keyswitches of those libraries to liven up the performance of your pieces (This video explains it fairly well.) If you already knew about that, then excellent. Now, I am admittedly bad at mixing myself (do not go find my earlier remix post in this forum as an example), but I think that the dynamics of your piece are a little stagnant. The notation is pretty solid, but the volume doesn't change a whole lot besides the drums coming and going. Some experimenting with note velocity could help bring it to life. That said, this is a neat treatment of the source material, so don't give up on it. Try working with dynamics a bit until someone who knows mixing better comes and offers better advice. 


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