ff Crystal Chronicles - Song Theme in piano

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Here is a piano arrangement of the song theme of ff Crystal Chronicles.


Song Moonless Starry Light

v1 (main version)

v2 (with more rythm at the end)

Orgel of water




The arrangement is mainly on the song, v1 for the peaceful parts and v2 for parts with more rhythm.

At 3'50, it closes by "Orgel of Water". This music is nearly the last one of the OST. I felt it perfect to close the arrangement :)


Let me know if you see some points to review

Thanks for your feedback !


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Ah, this is lovely. I remember seeing Crystal Chronicles a long time, and now I wish I gave it a play. The serenity of the first movement, the fluid transition to a more forceful, driving tone, and the lively, springing step before the delicate end. This shares a good story, you should be proud.

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I was just thinking FF:CC had a great soundtrack and couldn't remember any remixes on here. Nice to see your submission!
I really enjoyed your take on this theme. Very playful and just beautiful. Some parts do feel a bit hammer-y (f.e. 3:10 onwards), but overall I found it enjoyable enough.

So...good job! :)

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