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Just a newbie working on improving my video game music work. Any listens and critiques are welcome!

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Wanted to get into video game music composition and production for awhile now. On the note of also working in the direction of creating my own indie game projects, I wanted to practice melody and putting moods together in songs. Although currently working on more serious stuff with FL Studio, these are some of my first attempts screwing around in BeepBox. Any critiques or feedback would be cool!





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Welcome to the VGM scene then! Good to hear some chiptune, let's see what we've got here...

-Whimsical Something: Definitely whimsical. A plucky, energetic mass of audio that sort of makes me think of a retro-style RPG's town theme. If that town had a casino or similar justification for big flashing lights. The constant development makes it feel like one is drawing closer and closer to the big attraction. Decidedly fun piece!

-Mild Apprehension: Makes me think of caves and encounters with antagonists. The building tension is nicely done, I'm just waiting for some 8Bit lightning to announce the beginning of a boss fight.

-Some Alien Place: Yup, the name is accurate. Makes me want to play some Earthbound. The twisting pitch is a nice touch.

-It Gets Better: Touching in a way only chippy tunes can be. Also makes me think of Earthbound.

Nice work all around!

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