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Its a Little Kremland After All (Welcome to Crocodile Isle)

General Grunt

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So I came up with this wacky idea to have an actual theme song for Krazy Kremland. I managed to kobble together this "Its a Small World" version of "Welcome to Crocodile Isle" with a tad of the Gangplank Galleon thrown in.

I also wrote partial lyrics to it that I had the idea of a "Nuka World" style chorus singing to it.


Its a Little Isle

of Talking Crocodiles

Krem Land's really fun

if you avoid the bees


Rides have Broken tracks

and there's a lot of bees

Its a Little Isle

of Crocodies

Come down and Stay A While

And you'll see


Lots of bees

lots of bees


a few trees

and more bees

Its a Little Little Kremland after all!


I'm debating if this could be OCREMIX worthy. My samples are crap, but its a bit forgivable because its all calliope music. I suck at mixing, and singing.

If anyone wants to collab on this and make it better I'm all ears.


I also plan to make a music video with puppets of this.

Example of my previous DK puppet video:



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So I revised it a bit. Right now its a Piano demo. I replaced a chunk of the medley with K. Rool Returns with the Galleon melody underneath. My idea was to make it like an actual Ride Audio that you'd hear in Disney Parks.



My idea was to make this a full orchestral suite with funny announcer diologe and singing as if its a real ride. If anyone with orchestral skill wants to help/Collab I'm open :) I wanna hear feedback




I made a VERY rough orchestral demo.

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