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*NO* Luigi's Mansion "Cribs: Luigi's Mansion"

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I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time, and I felt like making a contribution.
My e-mail software thought a 33MB Wave file was too big an attachment, so I hope a 320kbps MP# will suffice.
Filling you in on information according to the submissions page.


Remixer name: "Zkratt"
Real name: "Silvesther Lusion"
Website: "N/A"
User ID: "31338"


Name of Game arranged: "Luigi's Mansion"
Name of arragement: "Cribs: Luigi's Mansion"
Name of individual song arranged: "Professor E. Gadd's Laboratory"


Additional info should be on the website
Name: Luigi's Mansion "Professor E. Gadd's Laboratory"
OST Name: Professor E. Gadd's Laboratory, オヤ・マー博士の研究所
Aliases: Dr. Oya Ma's Laboratory
Composers: Kazumi Totaka, Shinobu Nagata


My own comments:

I got a hold of Reason 10 and was playing around with the new features.
Lot's has changed since I got my Big Box copy of 1.0(!) around the time we got out GameCube in the family.
The game came out in the early 2000's, MTV had a show called "MTV the Cribs"
where they visited the homes, mostly of rap artists.
Anyway, I figured I'd make a track for an imaginary episode where they visit Luigi's Mansion.
I'm just a sef-taught hobby musician.
I built this pretty much the same way I used to produce Hip Hop beats back when I was young.
All done with synths in Reason, with the exception of the public domain stock sound effect: "Wilhelm scream" played in the intro.
The style of it is sort of west coast-ish, kind of "loopy" since it's a Hip Hop beat, but I tried to vary it up by increasing the drive on the guitar throughout the song.
It's done all by ear with the old GameCube on the CRT as reference, and took a two to Three hours to create.
That's all I have to say, really.


Would be lovely to hear some feedback on it.
It's been a long time since I did music related stuff.
Thanks, have a great day!


Regards // Silvesther Lusion

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Loopy is right--it sounds like three identical loops with a brief intro and ending.  That by itself is a dealbreaker--if you're going to repeat more than a small portion of the mix, you should change things up with different layers or textures.  Throwing some actual rap on top of it would help, too.

Is there compression here other than the limiter?  I can't tell if the pumping is intentional, but it's strong and distracting.

The ending is particularly odd given that you made an effort to not make it part of the loop, but chose to have it fade out anyway.

You have a solid, fun groove here given that you only out a couple of hours' work into it.  But we need something that's more fleshed-out than this (LOL, 'cause ghosts).


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well, the beat itself sounds fun for a few seconds, but the hard pumping is so tiring to my ears that i'm done with it after maybe 30 or 40 seconds. i liked your samples, and there's some cool concepts in there, but the really heavy compression is hard to listen to.

there's a fun change at 0:50 to bring in a B section, but then it...just sorta repeats three times and ends? if there'd been just the A/B section with a refreshed and more unique A section at the end, and it was 2:15 long, i'd have considered it. but this is essentially a minute of music scraped over three and a half minutes of bread, and that's not enough. the synth voice at the end was also surprisingly and uncannily not-good. the pitch fluctuation in there is not something i wanted to hear, let alone hear multiple times.

i think you've got a great initial groove if you tone down the hard compression on it. i also think your b section was pretty fun. if you dress this up some more - mix up subsequent sections, make the melody more your own, and figure out a better ending - this is a significantly better effort.




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I dig the quality behind this beat - it's a fair mixdown, the palette is very fun, and the effect work is very engaging.  With a very minimal source tune, you also did well in adding more layers and some minor interpretation before going into the theme properly.  I did, however, spot two things wrong with the bass - as said, there's the hard compression which makes the attacks sound too soft, and on top of that, I feel it's a touch too loud.  Weakening the compression is a necessity, though consider playing around with its levels and seeing what you can get out of it.

However, the arrangement needs a lot more.  As of right now, the 0:11-1:14 first groove got repeated twice with no variation at all.  That's just over two minutes of redundant cut-and-paste content, leaving a lot of room to change things up further.  The suggestions of changing textures, bringing in rapping, or melody switch-ups are already great ideas.  I also favor playing with the melody itself and the potential to present it in another way, with the use of grace notes, pitch-shifting, adding countermelodies, and the like.  I can also suggest cutting the loops down from 2 to 3 if you're struggling to do much with it, but consider it a last resort move.

As of right now, it's fun to listen to in a vacuum.  The over-powered bass should be a quick one to experiment with, but the arrangement needs more work.  See what you can do with that 2-minute gap to change things up from the first variation, as well as slack the bass's volume/compression.  You got potential, for sure.

NO (resubmit)

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