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*NO* Deltarune "Surly Operators, Kind Acts"

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Remixer Name: RisenLP
Real Name: Keith Woods
Website: https://soundcloud.com/rcstudio (err.. don't have a proper one)
UserID: 36058
Submission Info
Game Arranged: Delta Rune
Arrangement Name: Surly Operator, Kind Acts
Song Arranged: Rude Buster
Original Author: Toby Fox
Own Comments: I'm a huge fan of Toby Fox's music and a huge fan of the sound you can get out of a Sega MD/Genesis. I created this via FL studio 20, a synth called FM_DRIVE and Super PSG by the wonderful Aly James. This arrangement is not made to be accurate to the hardware but more what I felt was good.
Thanks, This is my first submission, kind of nervous about it but thanks.
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Pretty standard 2-loop arrangement, with the first loop being a straight cover and the second one adding some riffs and permutations, and then a fade-out.

There isn't any one thing dealbreaking about this, but there are a lot of borderline issues that add up.  The structure is really simple, basically the bare minimum that would count as reinterpretation for us.  And it's only the melody; all the other parts are very to the source (and are fairly static throughout the arrangement).  Not exactly identical to the source--there's a key change in the C part (1:05) that doesn't sound like it was done correctly and is causing dissonance.  The sound palette is indeed similar to what you'd get on a Genesis, which can be acceptable but really needs to be backed up by a killer arrangement.

Overall I think this just needs more... more.  More changes than a second loop with riffs.  More attention paid to all layers of accompaniment.  More variation.  More of an ending.  This definitely illustrates the right direction, it just needs more development.


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hey, the initial presentation and melody sound pretty good! there's not much arrangement, but i think you did a nice job making it listenable with a limited sound palette. i agree with MW that it's limited arrangement at best through that entire first presentation of the original. 1:33 is where it starts to get some original content, primarily through some much more creative interpretations of the melodic content. i appreciate how you add in a lot of flourishes without losing what made the original good.

overall, i do also think that this isn't there yet. more than half the song is essentially cribbed straight from the original, and that's going to make this need to be rejected right there. there needs to be your own spin on this. we both agree that the original track's great, so make that shine by bringing out the parts you like the most. i'd recommend starting with the background, which you don't really change much at all. toby's background is real funky and fun, but i'm willing to bet with more attention you can make something that's more you and isn't a direct copy. a real ending is another thing that'd help a lot.

more arrangement will do wonders on this one.




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That presentation is indeed on the simplified side, but still very pleasant - cohesively mixed down, and the choice of timbres hits the intended feel.  The only issue I have is whether choosing a bunch of pseudo-MD tones are enough to carry the rest of the content.  I understand that you didn't want to emulate the hardware, which is reasonable - but this choice tied into a dealbreaker in the next paragraph.

I'm going to have to slightly disagree with my fellow judges in regards to interpretation.  The backing had moments where they deviated from the original, like with the transition at 0:49 and the quirky choice to go into the second half of section B (1:05) with two different chords.  The main beef I have is that despite the original writing in the second half, the backing stays the same.  I suggest you take a look into the notation behind your second half and experiment with different textures.  You can still have it follow the source, but a complete overhaul with how the accompaniment presents it can do some wonders, both with writing and presentation.

As of right now, it feels stale and in need of more work done.  It'll be nice to hear another version with more attention to the backing's variety in terms of both writing and sound design.  It's still not a bad first submission, and I hope you get the chance to continue developing your craft.


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