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*NO* The Sims "Buy Mode Future Bass Mix"

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Should the track pass, it will need a new title.


Contact info:
Producer name: SpaceGhost 
Real name: Deion W.

User#: 36070

Submission info:
Game: The Sims 1
Arrangement: Buy mode 1
Song name: Buy mode Future Bass remix
Original composer: Jerry Martin, Marc Russo
Original song link: 
Comments: I just really feel like this is a great song that everyone who ever played the Sims loves. It's pretty happy and upbeat, but still orchestral. I wanted to make it into a track you can dance to, while still keeping the original feel and orchestral instruments. 
I hope you guys enjoy and add it to your site, I been a long time fan for over 10 years. I been making video game music for just as long and finally decided to submit something.
Thanks for you time, 


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So, this arrangement consists of two approaches, interchanged:

  1. Very close to the source material, but layered with a ton of Simlish voice clips.
  2. A straightforward DnB take on the source that's pretty conservative once you account for the genre change.

I don't particularly care for the former.  There's not much to the music part of it, just some instruments swapped and maybe a clap or sweep added, and it's a whole lot of voice clips, overlapping chaotically.

As for the latter... it's better.  It's more than a MIDI rip, because there are some other layers added to it--a static drum groove, some generic EDM saws--but there's not much to them.

There's no ending, either, it just stops.

I'm on the fence here.  I don't like the voice clips, but I'm not sure they're such a mess as to be a reason for rejection.  The DnB is vanilla, and a direct genre adaptation, which isn't very interesting but does qualify as transformation.  The alternating sections make it so that the drum groove isn't constant over the whole piece, even though it is constant over all the DnB parts.

I'm inclined to think that the multiple issues add up to pushing this below our bar, but I want to see some other opinions first.

Update 5/21: My esteemed colleagues have confirmed and solidified my opinion.


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the first 24s are a straight copy of the original. after that, the real track actually starts, and it's a pretty simple but competent realization of the track in a bigbeat/chill style, and then it alternates between those a few more times for the rest of the track. i'm not going to address straight rips, but they're less than 50% so it's not officially against the rules.

the bigbeat sections are very simple in that they do adapt the melodic and harmonic content into a stylistically consistent feel, but there really isn't any adaptation or movement in the piece other than that. so i'd say that the arrangement isn't enough - there's no progression or direction other than making the backing strings into a stutter synth and a bit more. the lack of an ending is also a negative mark here - there's no adaptation to making it a track that ends as opposed to being a looping track.

in terms of the mastering, i thought it was a little bass-heavy, but that might be a personal thought. as a whole i thought it was good enough. it pumps a little when the kick isn't playing, but it's competent enough to pass muster without being overly tiresome or heavy-feeling.

if you spend more time making the arrangement yours and not just transcribing the original, this would be a lot more solid of a track. right now there isn't enough arrangement to call it a remix.




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The bookends are an alarming concern as the mapped instrumentation is identical to that in the original.  But past 0:24, it's less of a concern and with instruments more suitable for the style.  The basic 4-bar melody present in the source has some slight modifications with an altered notation at the end of the last two - but that change is identical with every variation present, regardless of changed textures.  It would've been nice to have heard more variations with each run.

Additionally, while I don't mind the Simlish voice clips, I do feel their integration is needlessly excessive - to the point that a handful of samples got used more than once.  Consider cutting some repeats out and finding other ways to raise anticipation for the builds.  Additional percussion, synth glissandos, and effects are three such suggestions at the top of my head, and I'm sure you can experiment with any other fun ideas.

You're a lot more on point with the production, though.  The mixdown is clean, the balance is tight, and your kick drum in particular packs power - albeit a touch too much, so see if you can bring its volume down by a small amount.  I like your selection of gates and EQ sweep envelopes on the synths here - it makes them sound more distinctive in the bigger picture, with articulations that suit the wandering nature behind electronic chillout. 

As of right now, while you've got some fun production chops under your belt, the interpretation behind the source is minimal, and I don't feel it's transformative enough to hear it on the front page.  See if you can add variety to your variations beyond just switching instruments, plus cutting down on repeated Simlish clips.  Whatever happens, keep going - it'll be nice to witness your development within the near future!


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