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*NO* Sword of Vermilion "Treacherous Road"


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Contact Info:
ReMixer name: about:blank
Real name: Chris Bouchard
Email address: 

ReMix info:
Name of game ReMixed: Sword of Vermilion
Name of individual song ReMixed: Stats
ReMix title: Treacherous Road

With the original track being about a minute long, I tried to take this in a few different directions to keep things interesting.
I took the most liberties in the first half of the song, and in those softer sections the arpeggio is based on the original's bass part and the melody is based on the original's arpeggio. Aside from that and a few new lead melodies, the rest of the song stays fairly faithful to the source material - at least in terms of composition. 
As for production, I tried to emphasize the original song's intensity by writing mellow sections in an effort to give those grittier sections a greater impact.
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Nice take on a neglected source.  I like the Daft Punk-ish dark electronica approach.

Why... why is there a hard limiter at -3dB?  That's a very strange choice.  The result is that the mix quiet but still slightly overcompressed.  You probably want a soft knee there and a hard limit just below 0 dB.

From 0:45-1:20 there's a gritty, wide-spectrum bass pad that's overlapping the melody and muffling it.  Also 3:03-3:14 and 3:18-3:50 have a gritty arp in the mids that's squashing everything but the lead--the kick and bass in particular are vanishing almost completely.

This is really close, it just needs some balance improvements.  I almost gave it a Conditional on fixing that limiter, but the last section is muddier than it ought to be, IMO.

NO (borderline, resubmit)

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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2019/08/26 - (1N) Sword of Vermilion "Treacherous Road"

For all the effort you took to add impact to the song, I think the climax sections lack a lot of power.  This is partly due to the mastering which seems botched by bad limiter settings:

Not something you want to see

Also the synths feel pretty flat even though they are distorted, which in theory should give a lot of character but somehow they sound a bit...  hollow.  The drums sound big in the sense that they have pretty long tails but they are not impactful, possibly due to lack of lows during the drop.  Actually the whole mix is lacking lows, as the kick is pretty muffled and the bass lacks character.  the last drop around 3:10 tried to go with the big sound with the constant sub and all but still feels pretty lacking and the drums are disappearing in the mix.  I think some kind of sidechaining would help a ton in cleaning up these messy sections and bringing up those impactful drum hits you want.  In addition the distortion used is making the synths sound brittle and overly digital instead of beefy and full of character, i would try with a different distortion type or unit.

Overall too many issues to see this in the front page for now, but the arrangement was solid so if you up your production game I can see this making it.



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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2019/08/26 - (2N) Sword of Vermilion "Treacherous Road"

i really liked the intro to this. it's a real fun setup to that first hit at 0:42. similarly i really enjoyed the deconstructed drop into 1:35, which really set up the super-digital 90s-esque melody presentation at 1:35. the delayed section at 2:20 was pretty hip too, although i admit i was feeling that the bass was getting a little tired by that point with how present and repetitious it was. bringing the pain back in at 3:05 was a great way to get back into it. i enjoyed the overall use of padding and instrumentation to allow some sections to be huge and others to be still impactful but less so. i thought the ending was fine and i didn't think any part of the arrangement was over-repeated too much (which when you use an aggressive synth to play a repeated arpeggio throughout is a pretty difficult thing to accomplish).

my complaint is that it just doesn't sound big, or loud, or powerful. there's little bass response throughout and the mids sound really, really overlayered to the point that nothing sounds big. if you turned everything down by a few dB and then fixed your limiter settings, i think you'd get a much punchier and more powerful-sounding piece. right now it is such a fun concept, and i love the synths you're using, but the mastering makes it all sound really bleh.

if you make another mastering pass on this and can make it be punchy without the squashed mids, this is an easy pass. right now it's not there yet.




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