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OCRA-0073 - Shonen ReMix Jump!


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Man, where to start. It's been 6 years since I floated the idea for this album and I'm so ecstatic about its release! Shonen Jump, and anime in general, has always been something I've loved, from watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid on Adult Swim (Midnight Run) to now, where there's so much of a wonderful abundance of different anime.

I deeply appreciate the perseverance and determination from all the artists on this album. This album wouldn't be possible without your creativity and drive to make music. I'm also incredibly lucky to have had great co-directors that have helped to steer direction and vision of the album to what it is today: a loving tribute by Shonen Jump fans to the series that continues to inspire and entertain people. I've been mulling this over for a while now, and I'm absolutely certain that we'll have a volume II sort of thing for this album in the future.

A huge special thanks goes out Theory of N for being a major part in getting this album over the last hurdles toward release, Doulifée for providing the signatures for the album, Sasha Petersen for providing amazing artwork for the album, everyone who helped bring this album together, and Felecia S. (my fiancée) for encouraging me throughout the way.

- Malik Williams (WiFiSunset)


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