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Please help me identify this Mega Man remix


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song found; link deleted

The song in question is playing during 8:18 - 13:25. I'm assuming this a remix of Frost Man's theme from MM8, but it could be something entirely else. Video's description links a Mega Man Legends fan album, but this particular song is not included in it.

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I'm not familiar with this particular one either, but I can share a few resources that have helped me in the past. This first has stuff from older classics:


Newgrounds will occasionally have a few gems that no one else has anymore (especially since 8bit-collective is gone):


This next one actually has a Mega Man 8 album with the Frost Man stage (similar to the one you are looking for, but missing the piano and light background vocals):


VGMix Archive is a fine, and very large collection (unfortunately, does not seem to have any remixes from MM8):


A large site dedicated to C64 remakes:



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That is so great! My debt to the community has been paid!

(well, not completely, obviously... but I was recently helped with this kind of song identification as well, and I am SO HAPPY. Such a great feeling.)


Maybe, mark the title of the thread as "[SOLVED]", or "[FOUND]" or something, so it looks like we're doing something, and making progress. :ph34r:

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