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*NO* Mega Man 2 "Flash Man Theme (T'es OK Mix)"

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For clarification, the Ottawan Band cameo lasts for 3 seconds.  I consider the minor use of non-game music okay in this context and fine to put this in the queue.  This submission is done by mlho7.


Long time no remix.
I made a Megaman 2 flashman theme remix and I would like to know your feeling about it.
I was listening to original soundtrack of this game I used to play a lot and I suddently thought, :
Damn, this theme is so disco, potentially.
There is something from this Ottawan band in it, D I S C O.
Then I tried my best to prove my thought, I didn't go too far from original arrangement and did that.
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It's a fun disco beat, but it doesn't go much beyond that.  The same beats persist through the whole arrangement, and it's very repetitive besides that: it consists mostly of two identical loops of the source, and then a breakdown of the same which drops parts and fades out. 

I like the meaty kicks, but most of the other synths are thin and vanilla, especially the leads, which are quiet besides.

Thanks for submitting, but I think we need something more engaging, both in terms of structure and sound design.


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This is super fun to listen to.  Bubbly and sugary synths.  The disco beat is kinda constant but there are fills and changes throughout, I didn't feel it was on autopilot.  Production is clean and pleasant, but the leads have a tendency to being forced to the background by the harmonies and drums.  The groove is funky and makes me bob my head to it for sure.  The adaptation to the disco/funky style works but then again, the original was very much like that.

My only gripe with this is that there isn't much of a remix in there.  It takes the original and repeats it twice (3 times if you count the last minute).  Some harmonies are changed but the structure is mostly the same.  The last minute is, mostly, just the backing harmonies and beat playing the same progression we've already heard, only this time without a lead.  It's a very groovy section but there really isn't much there and it feels like an over-extended wind down to the end.

I actually don't feel that this is too far from making it.  A few structure changes would've done it for me, maybe a new section, something to make this remix more of your take on it.  Also, I don't think the last minute is adding much value to the remix.

I definitely want to hear this again in a more developed form so please consider giving it another pass with more arrangement ideas and send it back.

NO (resubmit)

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I side with Mike here on the production values - this palette sounds excellent! The drums are meaty and appropriate for the disco direction, the synths all have such playful articulations, and the mixdown is super clean. The melody does sound like it's getting buried, particularly during the B sections - but the original already had some playful harmonies, so it's nothing too big to fuss over.

The arrangement left me feeling torn, though. There's some neat underlying arrangement with additional backing parts and some minor timing adjustments on the melody, as well as doubling the A section in the first and third variations. There are some fun fills added to spice up the groove as well, and the Ottawan Band cameo was a satisfying transition into the third B section at 2:13. However, aside from these small textural changes, all three variations are identical in notation, wearing it out very quickly. There are several ways to make it feel more individual, too. An original melody over one of the loops, changing the rhythms of the accompaniment on another, sudden key or time signature changes - those are some quick ideas from the top of my head, and I'm sure you're capable of thinking of some other ones too.

Don't get me wrong - it's a fun take, and the production values are golden. But the interpretation is minimal, and so I hope you'll get the chance to revise it with some fresh ideas. If you do, this could become a strong sophomore effort from you. Keep at it, Aimé!

NO (resubmit)

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