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*NO* Mario's Time Machine 'Summer Time'


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ReMixer name: Cleveland Rock

Real name: David Hawley

Email address: clevelandrock@gmail.com

Web site: http://www.genericaonline.com/

User ID: 54123

Game ReMixed: Mario's Time Machine

Name of song ReMixed: Time Travelling

Composer: Mark Knight

System: SNES

Year: 1993

Publisher: Mindscape

Developer: Software Toolworks

Soundtrack URL: http://www.snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=1618

My dad wants Beach Boys music for Christmas, and I suppose that put me in the mood for a ReMix like this. I hope you enjoy my first (submitted) ReMix, being sent back in time to enjoy summer again, and the vague pun for a title.


http://www.snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=mtm - "Time Travelling" (mtm-06.spc)

LIGHTNING ROUND! (stolen from The Wingless)

*Good energy and SFX

*Poorly used samples/synths; everything sounds very static

*Despite the effects, the textures were really thin

*Backing percussion parts were overly repetitive

*Most important, the interpretation factor is non-exisitant; rhythms, instrumentation, tempo all the same; might as well be a MIDI rip, though it probably is

Submission Instructions & Standards]In terms of arrangement - how close or distant ReMixes should be to the original - the general rule is that the ReMix should be YOURS. We don't just mean that you were involved in its creation, but that it is different enough from the original so as to readily illustrate the contributions, modificatfions, and enhancements you have made. In other words, don't just take the original and drop a few drum loops on top. Also, don't simply take a MIDI file and assign new instruments to the parts, or add reverb, and expect that to pass as 'yours'. When we say 'ReMix', we actually mean something closer to 're-arrangement', if that helps clarify. If you listen to most of the pieces on the site and compare them to the originals, you should get an idea of what a ReMix is.

NO Override

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Why wasn't this just form-rejected? I thought the "NO Override" tag was for judges who didn't have the ability to reject it before hitting the panel.

The initial evaluation screens violations out more easily when the soundtrack is popular. By leaving the thread with something more obscure like this sub, I'm willing to let it stand that I posted it to the panel on the initial evaluation, but only discovered the violation upon further examination of the track.

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