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This is sick! Love me some cyberpunk vibes.

Needs leveling but I'm sure you already know that.

As a fiend for drum production, the only think I'd think about reimagining is your beats. Very robotic, especially the hi-hat. The beat that hits at 0:18 also does not quite support the music, and if you're gonna have an 'off' beat like that there's a really good compositional opportunity to hit a sick pick-up with a straight 4/4 at around 0:50. It'd totally charge. Same at 2:17. Just floor it. There's some forward momentum missing in some key spots that IMO would add mad oomph.

2:31 I'd be switching to a china cymbal and absolute groove to see this out.

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Hey thanks for the reply!

Yes I think the beats need revised. I left the hats out in the epic harmony part as well, which need to be added in. I think the intro itself should crescendo and needs more life as well. I'll hopefully be able to work on it after I graduate from college here. Maybe I'll have time before then. Thanks for the feedback so far!


This piece ended up taking on a life of its own. I use the synths I think sound absolutely the best to my tastes and I let the instruments tell the story. To me, it sounded somewhat oppressive and overbearing and that's the direction it headed. All my synth and drum choices are heavily informed by Metroid Prime, Half-Life 2, rock music, metal music...etc. There actually is an exact synth used in Metroid Prime 2 in this piece of music.

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