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Dreaming the Kingdom - from the soundtrack "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom"

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A first of 6 songs for the soundtrack of "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom".

This song is a medley of the other 5 songs(not yet completed)in this soundtrack.
Kind of dark and haunting, yet dreamy.

Extensive use Shevannai and Symphobia 3: Lumina.

This is an original composition.


Feedback is more than welcome.



My previous contribution here was some inspired Dragon Quest Music that I posted in the Game Music Section


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On 5/14/2020 at 3:56 PM, Souperion said:

The first 30 seconds hooked me. Aspects of wonder, mystique, and a bit of intrigue nicely woven together with an enthralling and restrained energy. Yup, I can see the beginning credits right now.... ah, that's lovely. Good work!

Thank you. There should be 5 or 6 songs total when the album is done, and one of them will be a track dedicated to taking the opening of this one and expanding on it.

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