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  1. I used an external reverb only and placed the orchestra sections appropriately with an overall 2.40 reverb tail (decay). However, quite often choirs go into the 3-4 second reverb tail (decay). I chose to go a bit less, because I didn't want to Cinematic Studios or the percussion to sound muddy. I originally had it at 3.0. and it there were some issues. So you have good ears, but 2.40 isn't overly dry, yet it is a bit dryer then you might expect a choir to be. When you get home, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts after listening on your studio headphones....or even earbuds for that matter. Thank you for listening and taking the time to give feedback.
  2. A nice energetic choir singing along with an orchestra. Geared toward a fantasy soundtrack for movie, tv, or game. Love to hear some feedback.
  3. Trying to figure out your female vocal. Soundiron's Strawberry??? You use her sparingly but in the right places which I like. Also trying to figure out your pitch bend at the beginning. Very nice.
  4. Thank you for your comments guys. It is true what you say HarlemHeat360. My intentions were more soundtrack....maybe even for a RPG. As for Majestica.....I agree....8Dio has hits and misses and Majestica was more of a miss. I have a couple of other pieces here and on Soundcloud using 8Dio Silka and Insolidus which they did a really good job on.
  5. An Instrumental piece using 8Dio Claire Woodwinds, Best Service Emotional Solo Strings and VSL Synchron Pianos. A hope of victory promised even in strange times is the best way to describe my inspiration for this. All instruments used are virtual solo instruments. Some slow parts, and some faster parts.
  6. Thanks so much for the thought out review. Your comments and critique pretty much nailed where I was going with this. The direction was always to compose this for a film score. This track (The Last Days of Darkness) was part of the film score, but the first one I wrote (Dreaming the Kingdom) is more of a main theme song for the whole film. In (The Last Days of Darkness), you kind of hear re-orchestrated bits and pieces from (Dreaming the Kingdom), but it does more of it's own thing. There will be more songs coming for this theme (film) Unfortunately, there really is no film, as I am a 'nobody'....lol. I just pretend that if there was a fantasy epic type film that I was asked to compose for.....this is the type of music I'd make for it.
  7. Sounds good. It would be interesting to hear what you think of my earlier one compared to the latest one as they are supposed to be 'as one album'.
  8. This is the second song I've written with Symphobia 3: Lumina and Shevannai. This is the second song for an album that I'm slowly working on. I shared the first song "Dreaming the Kingdom" over a year ago. This also is a completely original composition and I put a lot of thought into it. Same influences as the first song.....by LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter, and others, but the composition is my own from scratch. The idea was to keep some similarities and familiars but to also be an original track to go along with the first. I would love to get some feedback. Thanks for listening. Extensive use of Symphobia 3: Lumina, and Shevannai. Other libs: L&S Chamber Strings 8Dio Silka/Insolidus Genesis Choir Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion VSL Flute VSL Steinway Concert D-274 The first song that I did over a year ago can be found here:
  9. I wanted to push the 8Dio Silka Choir Library to see what it is capable of. This song is quite lyrical and emotional....and sad. Very anti climatic although you would expect one to be there. I used over 20 instances of Silka with various settings to try and achieve the mood I was looking for. I tried my best to keep all the other instruments to a minimum. The goal was to let the Silka choir Shine. It took a bit of work to get the lyrical part down, but I kind of like the result. Hope others do to. Please leave some feedback. Thanks.
  10. I just finished a Celtic Remix of "Mission of Mana". Let me know what you think.
  11. I used the original composition and re-orchestrated it from the ground up with strings and Celtic instruments. Celtic instruments are from the Celtic Era virtual instrument library. A very sad song and a fan favorite. I would have loved to see this track done by Kenji Ito on Final Fantasy IV - Celtic Moon. My version is a fan made remix.
  12. Thank you. There should be 5 or 6 songs total when the album is done, and one of them will be a track dedicated to taking the opening of this one and expanding on it.
  13. A first of 6 songs for the soundtrack of "Chronicles of The Elven Kingdom". This song is a medley of the other 5 songs(not yet completed)in this soundtrack. Kind of dark and haunting, yet dreamy. Extensive use Shevannai and Symphobia 3: Lumina. This is an original composition. Feedback is more than welcome. My previous contribution here was some inspired Dragon Quest Music that I posted in the Game Music Section
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