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Native Dialect

Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge - "The Cajun Connection" (Gambit's Theme)

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This is my second remix from the soundtrack to Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge, and while every piece of music composed for that game is absolutely brilliant, there is no question that Gambit's stage theme is the most popular of all the tracks. My approach to this remix can be summed up with a single word: "big." I wanted the sound to be big, and the arrangement to feel big, so the drums and synths are fat, the guitars distorted, and the organ blazing. This is the second iteration of my remix, as I was ultimately unsatisfied with my first take. The changes were minimal, but important enough to me that I had to make them.

- The guitar riff at 1:22 was originally recorded in Drop D. I rerecorded it in Drop C

- Added a new guitar solo starting at 2:07

- Remastered the mix to increase both the treble and the bass

- Sped up the tempo by 1%


Song Title: "The Cajun Connection" (Gambit Theme Remix)

Originally Composed By: Tim Follin and Geoff Follin

Arranged and Performed By: The Native Dialect

BPM: 128

Style: Funk

Hardware: Ibanez Talmon, iMac

Software: GarageBand, Zebra2, Audacity


The Cajun Connection


Source: Gambit's Stage


Edited by Native Dialect

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Hey, great to see you tackling this theme 12 years after requesting it!

Love the organ here, it sounds great. I'm not sure about the synths - although there is side-to-side panning in the original source, it's on a pad texture, and it's a really disorienting feeling to put that side-to-side effect on the bass synth. Once the panning stops at 0:53 it sounds a whole lot better. I like to use a similar fat sawtooth sound for a lot of my bass sounds, but you definitely don't want to be panning it like that.

I'm pretty surprised you've got this kind of sound out of GarageBand, but I think in order to elevate it to the next level, you really need a better DAW to get into the finer details of mixing. Also, a fadeout ending? Boooo!

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