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Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience Remix

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Hey, welcome to the boards!

Glad to hear you're using your quarantine time to make music, isn't it satisfying? You've picked an absolute classic source to have a go at remixing, and it's not a bad effort at all. There are a few standard beginner issues with the mixing, such as the overly-loud white noise pad in the beginning, and slightly too dry drums.

For the most part, it's pretty conservative in arrangement, but that part at 2:11 took me by surprise with its brilliance - is that a tribute to Zora's domain? Inspired transition there! It's a shame that it's not revisited again and expanded on later in the remix, but that's definitely the kind of thing that makes tracks interesting and OCR looks for.

As it is, I think you'd struggle to pass the judges' panel based on the conservative nature of the remix, but I enjoyed listening to it, and it's definitely impressive for a first work. Keep learning!

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Thank you!  Yeah it is a bit of a reference to Zora's Domain!  I wasn't sure if I should do more with it, I think I was just super focused on the idea that it was overall supposed to be Aquatic Ambience and ended up playing it safe cause of that, but it definitely would have spiced it up some more to come back to it.

Do you have any specific advice for the drums?  I think I should have put a little more reverb especially on the snare.

Thanks for the comment :>

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I love Aquatic Ambience. It lends itself to so many remixes and styles. It's timeless. I enjoyed your remix. It's very chill. I don't have much to add on to what DarkSim said, as he commonly gives me constructive criticism as I'm also pretty new to music production. I did remix this song though, and it is wildly different from yours and the original. 


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