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  1. I got hit with a bunch of IRL stuff recently, but came back to this tonight and I hope it's done now. I took note of what you said about the hypersaws. I think i was just ear fatigued when I put them in, but i never liked em after that, but I finally had some time to get back to it. Hope you like it.
  2. I took a few days off from it, went back with fresh ears. I lowered the volume of the hats, and added some reverb. Also added another synth in the middle to add some zest, may or may not fit the greatest. Added an outro as well! This should overall be the final piece I'm hoping. Don't hold back with criticism! Thanks in advanced.
  3. I added some more effects, changed the bass to something punchier, but not as sustained, adds some bounce. This might be mostly finished outside of some mixing mastering, maybe some more percussion.
  4. I buffed the layered the lead to thicken it during it's initial appearance, used the toned down version for a softer part. Still working on the full flow of the song. It;s giving me pause for some reason, but then I can add ear candy after that.
  5. Just looking for some feedback on my most recent remix. It's not perfectly mixed, I started on this this morning. Thank you in advanced!
  6. I love Aquatic Ambience. It lends itself to so many remixes and styles. It's timeless. I enjoyed your remix. It's very chill. I don't have much to add on to what DarkSim said, as he commonly gives me constructive criticism as I'm also pretty new to music production. I did remix this song though, and it is wildly different from yours and the original.
  7. I have yet again did some minor stuff to the song. Mainly added the main synth that plays in the original into the intro to breathe some of the original into this remix. Lowered my limiter a tiny bit and lowered the bass overall by 2 dB. Hope y'all enjoy. "Hybrid Orchestral Trap"?
  8. Hey DarkSim, thanks again for all the feedback. I genuinely appreciate it. I added back the Spanish guitars, but kept the strings, did some humanizing to them a little bit and a little rearrangement/reorchestration. I didn't change much else from the original, The spot you mentioned at 1:50 happens to be my favorite spot haha But I hope you like where it's headed.
  9. I spent a few hours on this tonight out of the blue. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced for looking ^.^
  10. This is my final edit of the track. I've just spiced the drums up a bit from the last edit,as well as some minor other details Thanks in advance!
  11. I took alot of what you said into consideration. I took like a week off the project, came back to it tonight and think I really cleaned it up. Did some layering with the pluck stuff, layered onto the lead that was there. Fixed the low-end muddiness.I also did some stuff with the mid/side panning. It really helped open room for some frequencies to breathe. Well, anyway I hope you like it. EDIT: I know I could work on the drums some more, but I hope they're better overall.
  12. I can't thank you enough for the input. The track has definitely elevated between the first and second iteration. I've been making music for about a year with no real constructive input which has left alot of my tracks lackluster because I become complacent in what I hear because I'm making it. I have yet again taken the things you've said into account and have what may be the final version. I mixed the bass in a little more, adding a few more higher frequencies to it to boost it through the mix, took some reverb off the claps/lowered the volume, added a few more bits of ear candy, and a bette
  13. Here's a song very commonly remixed. I used 3 different subgenres to remix this. It's a mix of psytrance/house/drum and bass. Thank you for looking!
  14. This was difficult to do solely because it's in 3/4 and trying to program drums in 3/4 is for whatever reason rather difficult for me. Thank you for looking!
  15. Here is what I've done to it since I first posted it. The original is still up to compare the two. Did a little arrangement stuff, added some fills, better risers. Thank you for looking! ^.^
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