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*NO* Deflektor "Cover your light"

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Just so we're clear - aside from the source arranged, this track has no ideas borrowed from Zero Division's posted ReMix of the same name.

Dear Overclocked Remix team,

Please find my submission information for the following track:
Contact Information
My ReMixer name: Darkpalace Audio
My real name: Simon Weis
My email address:
Submission Information
Name of game arranged: Deflektor
Name of arrangement: Cover your light
Name of individual song arranged: Cover your light
Comments about the mix: Recorded and mixed by Darkpalace Audio in Winter 2019.
If any questions remain, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hear back from you.
Best regards,
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Cute take. I've not heard this tune before, solid choice. The piano is a nice touch and suits the theme well, but could do with some humanising. The portasynth lead does a fairly good job. The breakdown 1:07-1:15 was a bit strange, ending with an impactful bass hit but the rest of the music does not follow suit. We get another break at 1:41 with the instruments distorted. The arrangement here does feel a tad basic, the minimal parts work fine, but lack presence. The production is fairly basic as well — mixing of parts is ok, but each part appears to lack compression. Drums are not impactful. The bass boom hits are out of character with the rest of the mix, and there feels like there's a lack of mastering. The ending also fades off a little quickly. There is a bunch of potential in here, but things feel like they're in draft. Would be great to see this after some further refinement.


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  • Jivemaster changed the title to 2020/01/05 - (1N) Deflektor "Cover your light"
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This arrangement has an okay structure - using melodies and chord modulations from the source but cutting some sections short or out altogether to fit this more acoustic-like direction.  I also appreciate how you did those last-minute key changes at the end - an idea inspired by the last 20 seconds of the source.  Instead of one modulation, you went into two different minor scales (F and B flat) one after the other - a robust approach.  Though, aside from the quiet countermelody in the background, your assigned instrumentation doesn't deviate far from the original's foundations.  See if you can play around with the rhythms, chords, and articulations further to make the arrangement sound less vanilla.

The balancing of your parts is okay, but the mastering doesn't feel poignant.  A good chunk of the audio doesn't go above -5dB, with your booming hits being way louder and closer to the ceiling.  It gives me the idea that you didn't add a multiband compressor to your master chain, so adjusting one to suit your needs could go a long way.  Alternatively, adding compression to individual instruments can level the impact - but not on the piano, as it's more organic by design.  Talking of which, the sequencing on there is hugely rigid, so find a way to humanize it, whether using a MIDI keyboard to perform the parts or going into the piano roll and adjusting timings/velocities that way.  And as Joel said, each instrument lacks presence, which is something that refining their individual EQ can help.  Remember to put the EQ before any compression unless you want to make EQ changes on the effect.

It's not a bad start, Simon, but it needs some considerable workshopping if it makes its way onto the site.  Find ways to transform the source further, experiment with EQ and compression, and look into humanization.  It's an okay first submission, though, so I hope you'll keep at your craft.


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2020/01/05 - (2N) Deflektor "Cover your light"
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i think up front my biggest issue with this is that it sounds like a lot of default sounds - like, you want a piano, so you grabbed a piano and didn't spend as much time as you could have with fitting it into the soundscape. with the electronic instruments you've got, the more realistic piano sound isn't quite as fitting. the big booming hits are also way too loud and serve to artificially reduce the volume of the rest of the track. some instrument-level work is needed here to fit everything together, and then some overall mastering with at least a multiband is needed to help get it into a cohesive package instead of how disjointed it sounds now.

other than that, i'm just rubber-stamping this one. the first key change is fun and unexpected, but the arrangement overall is pretty basic if it's there at all, and the instruments and mastering really need some attention to make this approach postable work. i like the idea and the original's a great track to highlight, but it needs more from most angles right now.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to *NO* Deflektor "Cover your light"
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