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Long lost Chrono Cross remix (for me)


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So I'm aware this is going to sound stupid/crazy, but this has been bothering me for... over a decade now.

Back in high school, pre-2005, I had 8 whole songs on my brand new fancy MP3 player. My favorite was a remix of Chrono Cross.
Somewhere along the way, between computers, I lost the file for that song, and eventually the MP3 player containing it died, too. I could never again find the old random website I had originally found it on (pretty sure it wasn't here).

I -think- I just found an old school project flash file buried in a forum I used back then, of all things, with the music in a background. The post it was on was from 2005, so I know the song was from that time or before.
As such, I found a site to convert flash to MP3, loaded the MP3 to soundcloud, and then came here to post where it's most likely to encounter someone who knows. I even created my account here after 15+ years of lurking.
In all honesty it's been so long, I could have the wrong song, but I'm about 90% sure this is the one that's been driving me crazy for years.


Can anyone identify the real name and author of this song? You'd be helping me finally put a brain-tickling frustration to rest at long last.

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This sounds like a medley to me (Time's Scar kicks in at 1:25), but it also sounds like it might be chopped from a longer song, with how abrupt the flute comes in at the start. I can't place that first melody either, but I've been looking for CC medleys and haven't found this one yet. Good luck, and keep looking! Also, thanks for sharing this in the first place :)

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