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  1. Super Robot Wars, a game from the last year (2019) also features Rayearth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars_T
  2. Hey, there's also a Super Nintendo Game of Rayearth:
  3. I just found a Sega Saturn game about Magic Knight Rayearth, their music is simply Awesome! See: ~► I will Love do participate in a collaborative Album regarding Rayearth. Have you seen that Rare TV Series? Kind Regards.
  4. Maybe, you can find this web site, Useful: ~► https://www.jp.square-enix.com/music/sem/page/chrono/cross_revival/index_en.html Kind Regards.
  5. I've successfully teached my Daughter to play Piano & Keyboards... ...and somehow she is way better than I. She plays complicated songs from Zelda, Final Fantasy and others alike. She is a young kid, so I am pretty astonished, and Glad. Besides that, we all are locked at home in my Li'l country, except people who needs to work in the allowed areas, to bring food home. Here, people are only allowed to work in Pharmacies, Clinics, Super Markets, Gas Stations and Hardware Stores; no more. Everything else is Closed since march 15, 2020. Cities are Locked, so if you need to leave and go to another city, you need to obtain a safe conduct permit (safe pass), signed by the mayor and the police. In order to avoid having too much people at the same time on the streets, people are allowed to go out once per week, by using the last number on your I.D. card, so: - zero and one can go out Mondays, - two and three on tuesdays, - four and five on Wednesdays, - six and seven on Thursdays, - eight and nine can go out only on fridays; Saturdays and Sundays are completely closed days, by Curfew; also everyday from five O'clock pm to eight O'clock am is curfew time; so, if you go out without having the proper final number on your I.D. card, Police will lock you on jail all day long, then next day will bring you back home; next time there is a fine along that; third time there will be more days and increased fine... Also, supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Pharmacies and Gas Stations, makes all the Costumers to form a Line, with two meters of distance between each person; and they'll check your I.D. prior to let you in; in order to check if you went on the proper day assigned; if you go in the wrong day, they simply won't let you in; if you make any disturb regarding that, police will hapily accompain you to the nearest police station's jail... ...Very Strict protocol but seems to Work. Now, the small mountany town where I live, looks like a Phantom city after five o'clock; and the Lock Down due to this coronavirus, seems to be continued for more time to go... Meanwhile, my daughter receives school classes via "Zoom" and does exams via "Google Classroom" which keeps her busy on weekdays. I have to go to work on weekdays, but every person wears safe N95 masks around... and the ambience feels pretty tense. Using alcohol in gel for the hands after attending every costumer, is tiring and hands ends up pretty greasy with a soapy feeling by the end of the day... but we're OK so far, thanks to God. Every and each day, in the moment where I get the car in the garage after job, I remove my shoes and all my clothes except underwear and immediately I go to take a warm shower with lots of soap; meanwhile my Wife sprays disinfectant on all the wheels and door handles... well, she clorates my Subaru "BumbleBeast" (the car on my avatar) and I believe that the paint could get damaged on the long run, but it doesn't matter, as I can repaint it, after this quarentine times gets over... I hope every member from OCRemix, and every person in the world to be safe and OK during this horrid pandemic situation, also I hope that this thing will fade away as fast as it came, before this year of the twin twenties, ends. Greetings from the Caribbean. Kind Regards.
  6. This is an Old thread, but worth to tell you that I downloaded the music files back then, transformed the .ogg song onto a file that I could manage on the Computer and after some work done... Bam! ...my Old Computer's hard disk drive decided to say good bye without previous notice... Second attempt was in 2011 as I had saved the transformed .ogg file onto a flash drive, I decided to re-start the project, started remixing, then I had to sell my Computer -and other items- to buy a new engine for my wife's car ... ... priorities are priorities... Today I was thinking in this project, and as I have another computer, I decided to take a look at this thread, and followed the Link above, which is still working. Seems like there is already a complete album! ... I'm too late for this, isn't it? But I think this complete album must be Awesome, so I'll download it ASAP. Kind Regards.
  7. During Year 1998 after Hurricane Mitch Almost Destroyed all my Country... When my Syster and I Were alone in House Playin' in our Super Nintendo, the Game: "Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble" (1996 RareWare) and we Finished all the Available Map, then Reached 50% we Were Happy... Continued Playin' untill Reached 69% and while Playin' a Final Stage, the Power Source interrupted... When Power came Back, the Saved data (inside the Cartridge itself) was Lost! ... instead of 69% we Found 0 !!! So we Cried... ...and we miss that Game since That, 'cos no one of Us liked to Play in Such Volatile saving Memory Again... Same Horrible Thing Happened the Next Year, with "Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past" Kind Regards.
  8. Thank you for your Kind Answer. Best Regards.
  9. I`m Already Downloading the Game + Expansions... Sounds Very Nice!
  10. Greetings!!! Long Time Ago (early Nineties) I Saw (Translated to Spanish) a Japanese Anime TV Series named "Magic Knight Rayearth" they had a Wonderful Orchestral and camera instrumental Music on their Background, also they have some Video Games... Magic Knight Rayearth (MKR) went to the Sega Saturn as a Huge RPG with that Music... Does Anybody Knows that Game? ... Heard their Music? It will be Wonderful to have some of those Songs Here... ...they even featured some Electronica / Dance songs, and few were sung. Personally, I am Working on some Versions, I Play Keyboards and use a Pair of PC Programs for Sequences... Maybe I can Finnish one song and Post it here. Anyone knows something about Magic Knight Rayearth? Kind Regards.