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*NO* Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep "Epic Space Mkaukau"

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Contact Information

ReMixer name : Neverback Music
Real name : Backer Ruth
Website : https://www.reitoken.com
Userid : 34757


Submission Information

Name of game arranged : Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep
Name of arrangement : Epic Space Mkaukau
Name of individual songs arranged :

  • Mkaukau


This is an hybrid orchestral arrangement of one song from Kingdom Hearts. It’s a game that I love, including its soundtrack! I Have try to share my love for this game and for music with you through this little arrangement.

Today my Remixer name is Neverback Music. If you want find more about my Work you will be able to find me with this name. I hope you will enjoy this remix.


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Soft vibes. Immediately detecting audible distortion from the drums, likely due to hitting the limiter too hard. This is a shame as it's essentially adding a crunch to most beats throughout the arrangement. As the arrangement progresses, other parts also seem to be clipping, so perhaps the limiter is not set correctly. This will certainly need a production pass. The arrangement itself is not too bad. The instrumentation is decent, choir used was a nice touch. The arrangement does re-tread a bit territory as we get the last 3rd of mix, perhaps consider if more unique elements could be added. The outro wasn't bad. As mentioned, we need a revisit on the production here before we can go further.


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  • Jivemaster changed the title to 2020/03/09 - (1N) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep "Epic Space Mkaukau"

Uh, not sure what's going on with those drum hits, but they sound... super compressed/distorted in an unintentional way? some even seem to lack proper drum transients due to what I think sounds like overcompression.  I think your arrangement idea is fine here, changing the electronic nature of the original into more of an epic cinematic track.  Honestly I think this tracks shines when it's not doing the whole distorted taikos thing.  The constant drumming feels robotic at times and gets tiresome after a while, in contrast to the quiet parts which are actually super nice to listen to and sound pretty detailed.

Overall I don't think this is quite there yet and it's mostly production hurting this one.  Hoping someone with better advice for orchestral/hybrid tracks can chime in on this one, because I do think you have a good idea here that you can polish further into something that we can accept, for now tho I don't think this makes it.

NO (Resubmit)

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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2020/03/09 - (2N) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep "Epic Space Mkaukau"

Yeah, this has the somewhat odd issue of being pretty quiet overall, while also getting distortion from audio levels being pushed too hard. From my experience, this is usually due to either missing or insufficient compression or specific instruments hitting the compressor too hard.  Based on hearing some low-end rumbling during these points, it's possible the remixer boosted sub-bass/bass frequency EQ and maybe added reverb on the percussion, which is inaudibly overloading the compressor.  However, looking at the waveform, it looks like there's a brickwall limiter triggering at -2dB, and it's being pushed pretty hard in the more intense sections.  If this is the only compression on the track, that could also explain the issue.

Ideally, you should be able to improve the mixing to get the parts more balanced, get the percussion levels under control with compression, and moderately boost the levels of the entire track, while eliminating all audible compression artifacts or distortion.

Beyond that, the instrument samples themselves sound great, but the many of the writing consists notes without velocity/timbre changes.  Some dramatic swells on the sustained notes, variation on the stabs could go a really long way here.

Liking the energy here, this definitely has potential.

NO, resubmit, please

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