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Atmospheric Orchestral Piece

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This reminds me of some stuff during the PS2 and GameCube era.  Kind of has a Wild Arms meets Xenogears vibe.  There's a lot of applications for this tune.  You should slap it on Unity or something and make a few bucks off it.  Whether you position yourself as premium content or low shelf content is up to you.  Couldn't tell if the tune is loopable or not, but I think it won't be too hard to do if not.  As for the production quality, I think it's mixed OK, and the articulations are at least mid-tier indie game quality.  Those bells are especially good.  (edits)

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There's been an influx of cool handheld games, like R H...I got burnt out trying to keep up with 'em though.  Handheld JRPGs just lose my attention too quick, sadly.  Emulating them might work...but I seem to prioritize metroidvania games over JRPGs these days.  Meh.  Maybe I'll check out R H's OST ;) 

BTW, I just found out today that Unity doesn't do payouts until you hit $100 (couldn't tell if that is a recent policy update...).  So "a few bucks" is probably a stupid idea...maybe this is designed to reduce the Low Value Low-Ballers who're devaluating the market too much...

That said, I think you've got the potential to make a pretty sick Audio Asset Package, if you don't like commission work.  That's what I'm doing hehe.  That's why you don't hear many originals from me these days.  Very hush-hush.  

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