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Cinematic Trailer Track


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Thank you for sharing the track! I think it was a really good effort and I like the production values. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this kind of music in general (even though I take a lot of inspiration from it personally!) but I think I always appreciate the effort that goes into it. Here, I really like that you keep it more melodic and less just...wave of sound and add X cool effect here for "epicness." Great job!


Some personal critiques that just come to mind. Highly subjective things mind you. I personally would have liked to see some variation in the string run motif that goes on in the back. Mostly harmonically. I think from what I hear it mostly stays the same. I am a fan of sort of a static pulse that builds and is always there but I think this one could benefit from some variation. Like instead of using what sounds like an arpeggiated modal chord of some sort, maybe add in a major or minor arpeggio once in a blue moon to go with the overall harmonic progression? I think it could add a really powerful effect, especially when the intensity changes in the song.

Another thing to mind, and this is really subjective, is the adding of the choir toward the end. As is, it just seems kinda thrown in toward the end. Now, I think this would be more palatable for me personally if this was a part of a bigger motif in other songs? But since this is a trailer song it seems kinda just...thrown in? But maybe that's actually kind of hard to rectify now that I think about it. Still, to me, they kinda just come in for a bit and then the song ends. Maybe give them some simple chords earlier? Some really warm "Mmm" vowels with some pretty chords would be nice? Just something to think about.


Anywho, take this with a grain of salt haha. It's just my opinion and I'm no pro. Even if I was, it is your song and it is well made. Thanks again for sharing!

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