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I think at some point I stopped looking at this as more of a remaster project and more something I wanted to take to a more remix level. Not really sure what to do though? But I definitely would like to do more with this in the future. It loops once so after the first run through its the same song. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate any feedback!

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Hey man, this is great. I listened to the original Gameboy version and you nailed it with the instrumentation choices.

Actually the repetition in this case is justified, it feels right. It takes almost 2 minutes to loop and during the whole time it’s a winding journey that comes back around in a very satisfied way. It’s surprising it takes that long before it loops, it’s not common for GBA games.

In my opinion, the endless looping of older OSTs is a feature, not a bug. Because RAM was limited back in the day, composers couldn’t afford to create unique loops so they got creative and made the most catchiest loops you can imagine. Nobuo Uematsu was a king at this. It creates a certain vintage feel that I personally love. So my first impression is to let it loop. It’s not so repetitive that it needs more variation. Nice work bro


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