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FFVII Remake: What songs did they get right? What did they get wrong? (potential spoilers)


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*potential spoiler warning* Sometimes just talking about a soundtrack gives spoilers and in this case, there are many moments that change from the original, so just knowing certain themes exist could spoil any potential surprises. Just a friendly warning!


I just beat the FFVII remake and am going to do the DLC soon but after the doozy that was the remake, I have to say...they managed to pull off not only their vision for the story but the soundtrack as well. That being said, what do you think they got the most right? What did they get wrong, if anything? It was certainly a tough ask and I'm glad they had Masashi Hamauzu to help out along with a few others. I'd say the ones they got the most right are the following

Jenova Quickening, Flower's Blooming in the Church, Aerith's Theme - Home Again, all the Wall Market themes, and all the various boss fight themes.

The Jenova Quickening is I think now my definitive version. Wow they went all in. Many people love One Winged Angel Rebirth and I think they did it justice but it shares a heavy amount of its DNA with the original orchestral version by Shiro Hamaguchi and supplement it with a beautiful suite of twists and turns that often resemble FFXV's final boss theme. I feel like they are saving themselves for whenever the last game is. Aerith's theme and the Flower's Blooming....whoa *chef's kiss*. They never give you the full painful beauty of Hamaguchi's orchestral arrangement but maybe they are saving that too. Wooboy though, they tug at the heart a lot with this one. It's almost never sure of itself and doesn't let you get resolution either. That is a beautiful way to introduce a complicated character for the story to handle.  Lastly, I think Wall Market they really set the tone. Every little theme, the evolving versions of them as you move around. The honeybee inn stuff too! Even the jukebox version is lit. I wasn't expecting them to do so well with it because the original theme is alright but not so important. Instead, they relegate the original to the goofballs you meet along the way there haha. Now that's amazing sound direction.


As far as the themes that I think they missed the mark on....unfortunately I think the main theme of Final Fantasy never really gets the chance to shine. It is used more as a motif than anything. That's great in my opinion and its often effective. Hell, its always effective. Unfortunately they give us a full version and it doesn't really do it for me. Like its okay but they may as well have given me Hamaguchi's instead. However, like One Winged Angel, they may be saving it for part two because that's where the original really comes from anyway. Another miss for me was the chocobo themes. They are rarely used and seen. If you have an SSD I think the load times kill any chance to listen to them when you hop on a big birdy. The birds themselves were super cute though haha. Hopefully we get more in part two.

Phew, that was a lot. Would love to hear your guys thoughts!

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