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Super Mario Maker 2 - Title Theme (resub...)


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Hey all,

Got some awesome feedback from the judges and was asked to resub, but as usually I might have overdone it :<

Original track:

The rejected mix:

The latest version:


wav version in case your browser can't open flac...

-----> https://files.jneen.net/ocremix/bwt2.wav <----

EDIT: just to summarize what i did and the feedback i'm looking for:

* i did change up the drums at 1:12, but i'm afraid they distract from the fun sfx layers now. it's still probably better than just continuing the break as-is, though, i'm not sure.

* i added a whole new section at 2:22-ish where i resampled the previous sliced break and did more old-school chopping to create a half-tempo beat, and then added a brass section with other mario theme callbacks. (the non-8-bit version of the original in the game also does this with the smb1 ground theme, i just also added a bit of smb3 and smb1 underground). this section kind of ramps up the tension a lot for a track i'd originally envisioned to just kind of be

* i got a good deal of feedback on the mix, which i did address some of - but i do kind of like the melody floating in over the hills with the bass and drums close by. maybe i'm just used to sitting in rhythm sections :<


EDIT (19 Mar): updated the mix, fixed a few techincal problems (renoise tracker effects get hecked when combined with phrases sometimes...)

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new mix
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Works for me in macos firefox 😅 - is it because it's not HTTPS i wonder...

[edit] apparently i did setup SSL on that domain so i changed it to https, hopefully it works now?

[edit 2] okay for the life of me i cannot get that link to actually link, it's href="" lol. the wav one works apparently though.

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addition 2
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