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MMx6 Ground Scaravich ReMix (I have no idea for a better title)

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Yeah, this is muddy and imbalanced.

The bass is much too big and takes up most of the space, covering up the other parts too much.  Balance amongst the parts should be worked on to bring more parity between them, let them work together and not fight with each other.

After the introduction, the source melody should be brought out more too so that the listener does have a better grasp on what they are hearing.

I'm not sure how I feel about the high synth that's noodling about on top of everything.  It's definitely occupying the right space for it, the part just feels random and not adding much to propel the track forward.  As a listener you definitely notice it going away at 2:42.  Helped with fatigue.

Structurally, there could be a break in the middle with a contrasting feel to help separate the track and give it more momentum to keep it moving forward.  Book-ending the beginning and endings can work, and this could work better if the ending doesn't happen so suddenly.  That's also aside the fade-out, it doesn't work very well.  I suggest ending at 3:22 instead, that spot actually feels like it could be a more natural ending.

What I like is the mellow feeling the interpretation has compared to the original.  Slowing the tempo really helped to bring out more ideas and gives space for you to explore your own take.

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I've reviewed your remix and have returned it to Work-in-Progress status, indicating that I think there are some things you still need to work on. After you work on your track and feel that it's ready for submission to OCR, please change the prefix back to Ready for Review and someone will review it again. Good luck!

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Yeah, I probably shouldn't be trying to do sound mastery through my headphones. Oddly enough, it seems to sound better on a single speaker output vs stereo (tablet/phone).

Unfortunately, I don't have the best sound equipment when it comes to that, as I'm using my Logitech G355 headset, and the Z313 speakers with woofer.

I wouldn't mind collaborating with someone better than I am at this, as I told another seasoned ReMixer that I have no formal training when it comes to this stuff, and I just put things together I think sound well.

I definitely appreciate the critiques, as I know I'll eventually get better at this - one day.

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Gear does help some, but the skills and experience are more important.  It takes time to experiment and improve.  These skills don't happen overnight.

Another key skill is using your ears critically.  Knowing what works and what doesn't takes time to develop.

Try things...if they don't work, oh well; move on and try something else.

With all that being said, don't neglect the arrangement side of things either.  Both are equally important when it comes to putting together a track.

We all have potential, and again; it just takes time to get there.

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