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    Anything retro or pixel-related, football, anime + manga (weeb stuff really)

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    Hi, I'm Metris. I got into making music since 2021, and it's kinda addicting lol. The music and remixes I make is a mix of Chill, tropical house and some DnB. Hope you enjoy my music!
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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  1. Really love the 80s chill feel, and how the melody feels unique due to the changed vocals. It mostly works (apart from when it's directly similar as it feels a little off).
  2. Hi everyone! This is the first remix I've ever worked on, so I wanted to base it on a track I love. That happened to be First Steps from Celeste (an incredible game). The atmosphere it creates when opening the player to the game is immaculate. And the retro tuning of the instrumentation I adore. When developing it, I wanted to somewhat modernize it whilst retaining the emotional and atmospheric beats of First Steps as a whole. Hope y'all enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/metris-77761303/celeste-first-steps-metris-remix
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