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Lil' Samson - new style ska/reggae/synth/chill


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(I'm not sure if all those styles fit this song, but they all seems to be somewhere in there.)

Alright, this was for PRC, but I finished it too late and soundclick wouldn't clear the download in time. But I decided, since this is my best remix I've ever done, I want to get some feedback on it, maybe even submit if you think it's good enough.

So, anyway, most of you are probably not familiar with the source, so here it is (courtesy of PRC):


And as for my mix, here it is:


It's the only mix on there, considering I just registered my new mixer name to soundclick.

As far as listening to it, the instruments sound a little honky with headphones; it sounds better in the open air with speakers.

Thanks in advance for the comments!

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Not really digging the samples too much, they seem a bit low quality. Also, it gets somewhat repetitive with it just being organs and drums for a while. The synth thing sounds kinda cool, I like that. The guitar is also pretty low quality but it doesn't stand out as much. I like the little flute thing you got going, but once again it seems a bit thin, a London Calling-esque bassline would fit nicely here (long notes, etc). I really like the arrangement of this but the production needs quite a bit stepping up.

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Yeah I second all those points. Sometimes the percussion can be a lil overpowering too. The hats get a lil overbearing by the middle. Try to work in some more porduction values into the composition of the percussion.

If you added in another instrument playing along with the organ in the intro, kinda play off of it that'd def be a nice touch.

Def a good arrangement.

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I really dig the composition, but the previous posters are right about the samples, especially in the beginning with all the organs. They sound really bad. Later in the part with the flute it sounds a lot better, quality wise. But there's still room for improvement.

I'd also like some more varied (reggae?) percussion.

Anyway I have been waiting forever for someone to remix this favorite game of mine, I will check back on this thread for updates and send you a dead horse's head if you take too long!

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