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Problem with the upload function in the comments

Master Mi

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Maybe it has to do with maintenance on the OCRemix site some time ago - but somehow the option to upload content from your computer (such as images, audio material and videos) below the text field (as it was there before if I remember correctly) seems to have disappeared completely.

It now only seems possible to insert existing attachments from previous uploads into the text, or to insert images from a URL via "Other Media".


The thing is...
I actually only wanted to upload 4 audio samples to show different mixing approaches - but no chance with that.

Maybe someone here can help me or has a useful tip on how I can solve the problem.

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We recently got rid of the Contributors user group, which had certain permissions tied to it, but was vaguely defined on our end it didn't make a lot of sense to keep around. A side-effect of this was that upload quotas were tied to that group.

I've adjusted the upload quota and permitted file types for Members. You should be able to upload again. Thanks for your continued participation in Workshop! Hope this helps.

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